Thursday, April 11, 2013

Things I worry about

I usually don't talk about work, I just stick to food, diet and exercise.. ah stress, kids... but I basically stay away from the topic of work.... BUT this is food and exercise related... I don't think I will be giving away any secrets or anything stellar in this post so I believe my employment will be intact afterwards :P 
Next week I will be attending the Kroger Leadership Summit, first time ever event!!! 4,700 people will be there!!! They are holding it in Kentucky at the Lexington Exposition center... BIG EVENT!!!! and by the looks of our itinerary a busy busy busy event!!! 

so here is what my weird ass worries about.... food!!! 

silly huh? 

I am SOOOOO stressed over what they are going to feed us... seriously how do you feed 4,700 people? hospital food? bagels and danish's for breakfast? sandwiches for dinner? chips? cookies? maybe some fruit in there for the 'healthy" folks? 

so here is the plan!!  (thank you Google images) 

I am going to pack my lunch box 

 one side with chopped up veggies ... carrots, cucumbers, red pepper, jicama... maybe some snap peas 

and here is my Master food plan 

what I have highlighted is all I am going to have to eat there at the Expo... 
This is what I need to take 

The Braggs I have to put in my suitcase... and my son pointed out they may not allow me to take my ice packs... the whole liquid, jell airline rule... so I may throw my lunch box in my suitcase and just fill my purse with the Monday food 

My other concern is the haters I may encounter 

folks I don't see on the regular that are critical of how I eat... ahhh screw em!!! 

I know for most people this is total overkill!!!

but I know this sounds so clique' but if I don't have a plan ... I fail!!! I will not eat ... and not eat.... then freak out and eat every freakin thing!!! So I have to be prepared and this food plan I have been on ... I have followed 100% and had NO PROBLEMS!!! no cravings no wanting to grab a bite here or a nibble there... iron clad will power I am talking!!! 

so why tempt fate?? 

Day off today... cardio, cleaners, house work, laundry, make dinner, gym time, bank, Costco, cook 

ahhh another relaxing day off :P tee hee just kidding 

have a wonderful day bloggity folks 

disclaimer... not all images are mine, thank you Google images, yahoo images and Instagram 


  1. I like that you used Peter Griffin to illustrate how you feel:)

  2. I love how organized you are! This sounds like a great plan! And if someone doesn't like it, tough tooties!

  3. Is there any way to contact them and ask about what foods will be available. I'm sure people with allergies etc would need to know!

  4. I wish you luck and hope it all works out. I did a womens' retreat recently and had plans also and took fruit and healthy snacks and that helped. They did serve fresh food / healthy options. But I didn't plan as much for my own need to release anxiety, stress and tension and that I would have my buttons pushed so much. What I needed was to walk around or go sit on the porch, but not near the baskets of penny candy. I finally skipped a session and went back to my room to call my husband, read and relax sans bra, and take a nap. That time was worth its weight in gold.


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