Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5/7/2013 food log

morning coffee aka meal #1 coffee with protein and some SF syrup 

meal #2 was 3 egg whites, oats and my 18 almonds 

housework burned 887 calories!!! 

meal # 3 brusell sprouts, cabbage, pea pods with 3 ounces of turkey cooked with onions, mushrooms, tumeric and cumin I added some Molly McButter seasoning and Bragg's aminos 

snacked on an apple with cinnamon 

meal #4 my shake made with water... yummo 
boo it's gone :P 

meal # 5 broccoli with 4 ounces fish, Molly McButter seasoning and some Bragg's Aminos 

off to the gym and I trained :) 

last meal 4 egg whites with asparagus and mushrooms 

i did a lot of cooking today because I am not off again until Sunday. I saw a version of Pesto on Instagram made with Kale, so I tried spinach pesto... dang I hope it is good 

I made 6 pieces of fish with the spinach pesto... I will let you know if it is a yummo or a bust 

off to clean the kitchen... 


  1. How many calories did your glasses have? JK:)

  2. Looks great! I hope the fish was a yummo!

  3. Your food pictures gave me a few ideas on what to make for dinner today and tomorrow. Bragg Aminos are great for seasoning. You don't hear as much about them these days.


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