Friday, May 3, 2013

Boring vs Consistent

I read a lot of blogs, and I am on Instagram (look me up iamkarlam) a LOT!! a weird amount... alot

so any whey (tee hee) I was on Mizfit's blog this morning and she has an introduction video, so I watched it and she mentioned something about consistency... okay let me rephrase... I got out of it one word mainly


it got me thinking ... I don't blog my food every day any more... why? because I feel it is boring.. I eat the same ole same ole every day... I follow my plan

got me thinking... No Karla ... not boring... you are consistent!!! so I looked those 2 words up on Google

Main Entry: consistent  [kuhn-sis-tuhnt]  Show IPA
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: constant, regular
Synonyms:  dependable, even, expected, homogeneous, invariable, logical, of a piece, persistent, rational, same, steady, true, true to type, unchanging, undeviating, unfailing, uniform, unvarying
Antonyms: disagreeing, erratic, incongruous, inconsistent, inconstant, irregular, varying

Main Entry: boring  [bawr-ing, bohr-]  Show IPA
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: uninteresting
Synonyms:  arid, bomb*, bromidic, bummer, characterless, cloying, colorless, commonplace, dead*, drab, drag*, drudging, dull, flat*, ho hum, humdrum, insipid, interminable, irksome, lifeless, monotonous, moth-eaten, mundane, nothing, nowhere, platitudinous, plebeian, prosaic, repetitious, routine, spiritless, stale, stereotyped, stodgy, stuffy, stupid, tame, tedious, threadbare, tiresome, tiring, trite, unexciting, uninteresting, unvaried, vapid, wearisome, well-worn, zero*
Antonyms:  exciting, fascinating, interesting

I think the bottom line between boring and consistent is your attitude towards what you are doing

so Thank you Carla (the other Carla... Mizfit) 

gave me a WHOLE new attitude... I don't have a boring diet ... I have a consistent one... one that helps me to achieve my goals grrr flexing at 53!!! killin it!!! grr

what are my goals?

feel great!!! simple... nothing complex, no secret hidden agenda.. I just want to feel good, be happy and live a long life

how about you? boring or consistent (thank you spell check... I freakin spelt it wrong EVERY time.... derp) 


    and thank you for the reminder of my own words.
    I need to work the consistency today in another area of my life---but I need it none the less :-)

  2. I look at your before picture where you are extending out your hand, and your now picture. It's like a slimmer, younger you unzipped the total body costume and emerged out from within. Nothing boring about that;)

  3. Every fit person I have ever asked to what do they attribute their fitness too has answered with the word "consistency!"

  4. I think I'm pretty consistent :)

  5. I always like to see the consistency that works for me hope....I wouldn't mind seeing the occasional 'average day' for you again.


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