Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

I miss my Mom, she passed away over 10 years ago. She was not just my Mom, but a dear friend ... I know she is around... I feel her influence in my life. She was an amazing lady 

I love you Mom 

I found this a Trader Joe's.... errr did you guess that on your own ... derp... It is only $2.49  there and the Braggs is easily double the price... just a cost saving tip from one blogger to the next 

work it baby :) 

when I went to our Leadership Summit in Kentucky we heard Coach K speak, I never understood the connection between coaching and leadership... actually life skill's... I know you may think this has nothing to do with weight loss and weight loss maintenance, but you would be surprised, it is not expensive ... the audio was only about $11 on Itunes and the book is only about $9 on Amazon, a quick read ... 
it is an AMAZING book!!!

No you don't Karla!!!! I have been actually doing good .... careful when I blog this statement is usually when I fall flat on my behind!! .... I saw 133.2 this morning.....eeeeekkkkkkkk!!!!!

holy home loan!!! yes chip's and cookies cost less, but I don't know about you 

but I AM WORTH IT!!!!

have a wonderful Mother's day 

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  1. Happy Mother's Day, Karla! I'm sorry to hear about your mom, but you must know that she sees you every day and is proud of everything you do.

    On a more upbeat note: you look smokin' hot! Look at your skinny ass! Haha! You're such an inspiration, girly! Whew! Rock it!


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