Monday, May 27, 2013

Life in Maintenance

I get VERY scared when I see blogger's regain their weight

I have seen more gainers than maintainers 

Frankly this scares the crap out of me!!! according to this article by NBC news, these Quotes are what scare me the most : 

if I look back at the last week, I have over eaten due to emotional triggers: stress , anxiety, uncertainty even happiness was a trigger!! 

then I look at the other quote and two-thirds regain within 4-5 years... I have only 2 years and 4 months under my belt in maintenance... I am a maintenance baby statistically speaking

but then I see articles like this  and I have more hope... I think you blog readers will be reading my dribble for years to come, because I am convinced (according to the Karla poll) that if you stop blogging and telling on yourself, when you stop being truthful with others and yourself... you gain the weight back... and I present as evidence Diane @ Fit to Finish  

some bloggers drop off the planet, others change their focus... more cooking... okay cool, then come the cupcakes... huh? what? 

or they talk more about their craft projects ..... less pictures of themselves... then when they do post a picture... it's like wowsa!!! what happened!!

I understand how it happens... a few bites of this, a handful of that... "oh, I haven't had this in sooo long" the rationalizing to yourself... "I deserve this" it is such a mind game, you against yourself 

I overcompensate by surrounding myself with social media! I also am very up front with my trainer... I sent him a LONG text the other day... an S.O.S. of sorts... help me I am struggling and I am going through trouble for a while here... help keep me focused .... 

My goal with this blog is just to help me ... at first it was lose weight and it has changed into a maintenance blog now... I used to get really frustrated when maintenance bloggers would say that it was hard... like what the heck??!! you are supposed to be there to inspire me... you are just freakin me out now!! but I understand now that maintaining a weight lose is something I work at EVERY SINGLE DAY .... sorry if that is a bummer to hear, it is the truth... it never gets easy... some days are easier than others... I can go weeks and just be sailing along then BAM..... body slam of the Dortito type... 

back to square 1

always learning. Of late I just need to keep it simple, follow my plan, drink my water and do my cardio and lifting and things kinda click..... most of the time 



  1. Great post! This scares the crap out of me too. That's why I keep blogging and sharing and learning from others.

  2. Marc has left a new comment on your post "Life in Maintenance":

    Hi Karla, this post really made me think about what I want to do with the rest of my life. I don't want to regain all the weight I've lost and am still losing. There is a youtube of a 650 lb man that lost nearly 400 pounds. Then less than 3 years later was back over 500 pounds. In his case he had been obese the majority of his life. That's not my case. Just the last 14 years or so. Anyway, thanks for posting this information. It helps me stay focused.

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  3. "or they talk more about their craft projects ..... less pictures of themselves... then when they do post a picture... it's like wowsa!!! what happened!!"

    Ummm...yea...I see this a lot myself when I plug in. It really makes me sad. I usually know how it's going when I see crafts or pics of the kids and I don't see pics of them. You can't hide it and the truth usually floats to the surface at some point. It both frightens and depresses me, too. I would never wish that on anymore (well...maybe the horrible neighbor I have...actually).

    Maintenance is creeping up on me and I have my next "challenge" ready (a blog "relaunch" if you will) and it's all waiting in the wings. I think that most bloggers just focus on a particular goal and think "THAT'S IT! IT'S DONE! Whew! It's over now! I rock!" You have to keep challenging yourself or else you will regain. It's my biggest fear, but I'm gearing up to tackle it when it arrives because I REFUSE to go back to that amorphous blob that I pain each morning when I'd get out of bed because my bones were tired of carrying around 95 extra pounds.

    You stay on top, too, girl! You motivate the hell out of me and you give me GREAT hope. :) Keep it up, kiddo.

  4. Karla , you nailed it with the last 4 paragraphs and you are dead-on over all about bloggers changing focus and stopping blogging and regaining. You are a master at picking yourself up , dusting yourself off, and starting over again. That, is your maintenance glory.

    I'm a re-gainer of a few pounds and a focus shifter but the focus part was necessary. I'd lost and maintained a 100 lb loss before I started blogging in 2009. I've maintained an 80 loss now for over 6 years. Since 2009, I'd lost a total of 135 lbs but when that happened I was so very focused on the numbers on the scale. My head was in a crazy place, my skin was hanging and sagging in a bad way, I didn't relish the glory of my still amazing body . I would say my eating disordered behavior and thinking were definitely intensified.

    I've analyzed it to death and now I'm working on it in different ways ..a little trial and error. I'm working out my body and strengthening my spirit...getting stronger in body , mind and spirit. Never perfect though. I've learned --there ain't gonna be no perfect.

    It's more complex for us than calories in and out so we will always be starting over , working at it, finding our way. And that's the key--it's for Life.

  5. That's me Karla. Less photos because I am heavy. I fell of the face off the blogging world and am trying to hard to get back in control.

    I am trying to be like at it consistently every day. Every day. Oh, to maintain. I am very envious that you have found the way and the answer and I I hope you can be patient with us still struggling...


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