Sunday, May 5, 2013

Longest blog post ever

Meal # 1 at 5AMish coffee with protein 

I make a shaker cup of coffee, Torani syrup and protein and it lasts me all morning! 

this morning we went out, the breakfast omelet was crazy huge!!! so I ate half and I will have the other half as my last meal 

got home and can't forget the oats!! 

I make them in advance and freeze them, a quarter cup of steel cut oats made with water, vanilla and cinnamon 

I have a alarm set in my phone, reminds me to eat 

11:00 meal 

 cabbage, snap peas, brussel sprouts with ground turkey cooked with onions, mushrooms, tumeric and cumin. I added Braggs...I freakin love this stuff!! 

off to the gym, 15 minutes cardio, on the floor for some exercising, and another 20 minutes of cardio 

hamstring curl on 3, 15 reps X 3

pull downs at the bend on 50 pounds, 15 reps X 3 

I don't know what this machine is called 
you push out the pads which are on the outside of your legs, weight on 70 then 50 then 30 ... 
10 reps each weight  X 3 

Lat pull downs, twisting on 5, 15 reps X 3 

chest press on 3, 15 reps X 3 

someone was on the machine so not a good shot, tricep machine on 60 pounds, then 45 pounds 15 reps X 3 

abs 40 reps X 3 

I also did bicycle crunches, I don't do these often enough so I could only do count of 15 X 3 
 and free weights, sides and bicep curls 10 pound weight X 3 

got home had a shake (made with water) 

one word... YUMMO!!! 

my 4:00 meal is always fish tonight 

I make this fish with a quick spray of olive oil, and fish seasoning. Green beans will go good... and of course Bragg's amino's

my last meal will be the other half to my egg white omelet 

I always have 18 almonds and an apple for snacks 

 when we went for breakfast they had freshly made eclair's 

I thought my husband was going to lick the display case!!!  he LOVES eclairs... we made a fast getaway, no eclairs came home with us! 

I also drink a gallon, at LEAST ... usually a gallon and a half of water every day 

when I started drinking water, I couldn't handle it plain, so I used Crystal light... then tea's... then fruit, now I just like plain ole water!! 

I also will have 3 cider's today. I make a 16 ounce mug or jar, 2 Tablespoons of ACV, 2 Stevia's and some cinnamon. Taste's just like a cider. This is good hot or cold! 

Tosca Reno use's this... she is a HUGE inspiration of mine, so I am trying it for this month to see if there is any difference in my abs (I can already tell this is a keeper!!) 

so that's my day today... back to work tomorrow. I made a comment to my daughter yesterday that I would lift more if I had the time... and I IMMEDIATELY called myself on it!!! so I AM going to lift at least 3 times a week from now on, twice with my trainer and once by myself. I can get up at normal work time because  I give myself 2 and a half hours to get out of the house in the mornings, so I have PLENTY of time to get to the gym, lift and get home in time for the shower! 

dang this girl is a chatty Kathy today!! 


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  1. Stumbled across your blog, as I was searching for people to follow and your name caught my attention (Karla with a "K" isn't very common and it's the name of my Bestie for life, so I have to stop by!)

    Reading through some of your older posts. Love how motivated you are. Looking forward to reading more. Battle on!


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