Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

howdy bloggity folks

Yesterday we had a family Memorial get together... I had 3 HUGE plates of salad... total food baby happening!!! it was soooo good!!! 

so I had a few rough days last week.... we are talking major food consumption .... 
I just learned about GIF's can't ya tell....

I have a lot going on with me and work... good, really good, amazing and super amazing... but I don't know which is what?! so I am having some anxiety over all of it... I will know whats what by the end of June... so I don't gain 10 pounds over the next month so I am back to texting my trainer my food daily and journaling 

food prep and breakfast yesterday ... I was a major cooking Queen yesterday!! 

my sweet daughter :) 

on $1 a dozen!!! SCORE!!! 

eekk!!!! morning hair 

watermelon at my MIL's yesterday yummo 

off to the gym for a sweat fest 

have a great day!!! see ya 

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  1. :) You should see my morning hair!!
    We all have days where we eat more than planned but everyday is a clean slate and you can make of it what you want!
    I know you are right back on plan :)


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