Tuesday, May 21, 2013

OHB update picture posted

I am seeing progress...

you may be shocked at my audacity in posting belly pictures... I kind of am at times... (what the heck am I thinking!!!???)

but on this blog it is weird, I am one among millions, public yet lost in the crowd.... weird

on the internet I found silent accountability and cyber support

I couldn't seem to lose weight until I started this blog. Those WWer meeting just didn't do it for me ... sorry I LOVE you WWers but the meeting's.... meh ...

Taking a picture this morning and reporting my weight

drum roll please.......


was such a motivating force... I still find it weird that I feel somehow accountable to cyber space... yet if I were to meet any of you folks in person, it would be awkward and strange... yet I comment on your blogs and feel I understand your pains ... social media is a bizarre thing

off to start my day .... gym, nails, chores..... tootles

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  1. I can totally relate! I feel accountable in cyberspace too! YAY!! Congrats on your loss!! Keep up the good work!


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