Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rest day

I think I pushed it too much

day #1

day #2

day # 3 

okay now I am limping around like an old lady. Last night at the gym was a doo doo work out, I had NO ENERGY!!! well duh.... 

I started back with a Fitbit... I hijacked my Husband's... he doesn't use it and mine didn't swim well in the washing machine :P 
There is a walking challenge at my company so I thought... why not??!! 

so today is REST day, and tomorrow I am only going to do LIGHT cardio so I can get a good session in with my trainer... for this I will need some energy!!! No crazy 5 mile walks ... I am kind of an all or nothing Gal... you kind of get this vibe from my blog... huh?? 

so my weight has still not recovered from my mega binge 136.6 this morning ... I am looking for that 134 again 

Groceries, doctors and some errands today 

Love, Peace and chicken grease folks 



  1. I do not know how much walking you've done before, but jumping right into 5+ miles everyday can be a killer. I backed down to 3+ miles per day and it is working better for me. Also investing in good quality walking shoes and socks helped. But you have a full time job and there are only so many free hours in a day too. I like the background pics on your blog:)

  2. I usually walk for approximately an hour but I don't worry about the mileage :)
    Good luck on the walking challenge!

  3. We've washed a couple of pedometers. I think one survived after we let the battery dry out.

    Good luck with the walking challenge at work.

  4. You may want to contact fitbit about the one that got washed. They replaced one for me free of charge as a one time curtosy. They have also sold me one at 1/2 price because it was out of warranty. Just a thought! Great job walking! You will do fabulously!


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