Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday's thoughts

my normal 2nd meal... three egg whites, oatmeal, cider, vitamins and water 

I got a killer work out in today!! I felt strong 

yep.. I ate every bite... this doesn't look healthy, but it is just tilapia with pesto basil on it, broccoli and some Braggs amino's 

yesterdays walk 

a month ago.. my day's off would derail me, now I just take my food with me, car snacks!! a HUGE bag of cut up veggies. I know when I eat, I know what I want to eat, so why leave it to chance? 

still haven't seen that 134 yet... grrr 

I went and saw Pain and Gain... meh ... had some funny moments but soooo not what I thought it would be 


  1. I like broccoli that much myself. Car snacks? Good idea:)

  2. I think it all looks healthy :)


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