Friday, May 31, 2013

vacation day #1

clean house
clean garage
pay bills

I HAVE to change around some of my meals... getting sooooo tired of eating the same ole same ole

I got a comment on my last post that got me thinking... did I come off a judgmental? I hope not... please understand I SO UNDERSTAND the re-gainer... I did it for 20 years!!!

My daughter is 24 and it has only been in the last 3 years that I have gotten to pre-pregnancy weight!!!

I lost... gained MORE
lost... this was THEE one that would do it for me
but by dinner I was at McDonald's
I joined every diet center you could list
bought super expensive diet gimmicks
gained more
tried again
gained more

I have no idea what clicked in my brain when I turned 50... no clue. I was just done!

done cutting tags out of clothes because even looking at what size I was in bothered me, and I didn't want my husband to see a size tag.... like just looking at me wouldn't tell him!!!

done buying clothes at Target or Walmart because it was the quickest least painful way to clothes shop
done wearing my husbands T Shirts
done going to get my nails done, because I couldn't reach my toe nails to cut them
done going to fast food and ordering full Super-sized meals .... as a snack!!

my husband couldn't help me
my Mom couldn't help me
I wouldn't lose weight for my kids
I wouldn't lose for my husband

I had to make me a priority, that always felt like I was being a traitor to being a a good person.... Make ME a priority!!! That would make me selfish, narcissist, a bad person, a bad wife and worst of all a bad Mom

boy oh boy was I wrong!!!!

making me important makes it so I am a better person to be around, more positive, nicer, happier which makes me a better wife and Mother

who would have thought!!!???

this is all MY experience .... I would never judge your experience, I want to root for you, hope you find that within yourself ... before you are 50!!! hopefully

I have sooooo dang much to do ... can't blog


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  1. Oh Lord, I hope 50 isn't the magic number where something just clicks!!!! :)


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