Monday, June 3, 2013

5K Birthday race

my beautiful sister is here from Oregon and we celebrated her Birthday today by running a 5K 

it was the first 5K she has done since the 70's!!! 

our little protein stash!!

we then went to the coast.... coldddddd so I had a work blazer in the car to drop off at the cleaners... silly 

checking the race board... I will post the results in another blog entry... the results are not up yet 

we got an assortment of treats from Whole Foods... and I ate way toooo many!!! YUMMO!!! 

Deb stylin 


driving around Los Angeles, Quest bar and cut up veggies... always eatin 

total works to live by!!

Amoeba records in Los Angeles... wow!!!

today we have tons planned... I tell ya though I am SORE from the run yesterday...

This gal doesn't run.. I tread and stair master, but I am not a runner... I think 5K's are the biggest run I will be doing from now on... no more Santa to the Sea relay or 10K thoughts 



  1. Hi Karla - I have two sisters that have been best friends since the birth of the second one. One in retired in Arizona and the other one in Texas plans to retire in 2015. They already shuttle back and forth multiple times during the year because they can't get enough of each other. Sisters have a special relationship.

  2. Awww you and your sister are so cute :)
    As an only child I really wish I'd had a sister or brother to do things with!
    Happy Birthday Deb and congratulations to both of you for doing the 5K!


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