Saturday, June 15, 2013

How is it going?

new food plan???

I have not been even a tinsy ensy bit hungry these last two days

I was up in my weight this morning up from 133 to 135

but given my MEGA binge the other night (before I switched around my diet plan) it is to be expected

Now I just need to trust this whole process...

I feel like I am eating too much... BUT it is only about 1500 calories, up from my 1200

I think this will keep me from going on those Gawd awful binges... I sure hope so!!!

I have a gigantor list of "to do's" today on my "day off"

I am an uber busy gal :)


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  1. Good luck checking off your to-do's. I have a fun to-do today. I get to babysit my 4 year old nephew.

    I think your plan sounds reasonable, the extra calories throughout the day can help with the highs and lows.

    Have a nice weekend.


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