Saturday, June 8, 2013

I need your help

In holding me accountable
I have A LOT going on right now in my life

uncertainty (work)
fear (loved one in another country)
care giving (MIL)
pest control

and notoriously when there is a lot going on in my life.... a lot goes in my mouth!!!

so here is the challenge I have with my daughter and sister... not really a challenge, more like just something to keep us focused ... I don't like the word challenge 

6/4/2013-7/4/2013 is 30 days ... derp 
I want to exercise 4 days a week ... twice with the trainer and twice alone 
I want to be focused and have 90% success... that's a reasonable number ... right??? 

so these are my goals 
and if I do it 90% of the time... I will buy myself a pair of Lulu pants  and a top!!! 
fancy smancy!! 

sooooo I need your help... 
it's and easy job
ready for what I need?

okay here's the dealeo.. 

you don't have to really DO anything... 
you don't even have to read this blog
if I bore you to death with all my pictures of the same ole same ole... don't read.... 
you just need to make sure cyber space is still around for the next 30 days... 
I am going to blog every night  until 7/3/2013

and then after 7/4/2013 I will post a picture of me in my uber fancy Lululemon  outfit

I say this with confidence because blogging has helped me to achieve my weight loss goals... so I know blogging will help me to stay focused until fourth of July 

it helps to have a goal.. and I don 't really need to lose weight, but having said that I have a tendency to say to myself.... "oh, Karla ... you can eat a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, M&M's, peanut butter and rice cakes, 5 handfuls of cashews, 4 slices of bread and butter, and 4 Quest bars in one day and it's okay"

uh.... NOT!!! 
yep... that was my day yesterday 

so I want to eat healthy, work out and I get one PLANNED cheat a week ... It can't be a binge... that is not planned so since I had a horrible day yesterday I will start my week today... I get one planned cheat in the next 7 days 

Frozen yogurt as big as I want with nuts, fruit and chocolate

wooooo hoooooo 

okay... what day??? 

I am off Tuesday so Tuesday it is... and since Today starts my week, I cannot have another cheat until after Tuesday until the next week and it has to be planned 

OMG what a control freak I am!!! 

this is me though.. I make list of what I need to do, make list's at work, make list's for my vacation, list's for days off... I even make a time line sometimes so I can get everything in that I need to in a given day 

yep, I am a coocoo head!!! 

well that's life in Karla land today...
see ya tonight with my food photo blog journal 


  1. Sounds do-able! And for a new outfit definitely do-able :)

  2. I like the 90/10 plan. Maybe that's why I always fail...I try to hard to be 100%. I need to plan for bad days.


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