Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Meeting day

I was up and out of the house quick, quick, quick... I make a shaker of coffee every morning ... one shake of protein coffee and some extra coffee... cause lets face it you can never have enough coffee.... right? 

tee hee 

OMG!!! these bad boys were in front of me for HOURS!!!! not even a crumb!!! 
BOOM!!!! in your face!!!

my Kale salad ... baggie style 

water and my car paper towels... the lid on my water wasn't fitting correctly 

Bag lady 

this was the plan... 
after the gym... off to the MIL's...  hubby was having Mexican food with the MIL, so I opted for a boxed protein drink...
then we got home and I had a cup of tea, blueberries and a rice cake with peanut butter 

I count that as a WIN... compared to the yummo Mexican food, tortilla chips and cookies that were in MY FACE all day!!! 

score one for the Maintenance girl!!!

How do I stay on track and overcome the boredom??
stay inspired, read blogs, read the instagrams, pinterest, magazines, books... try new things fitness wise and food wise

understand it is a journey and not a destination

some days the road is smooth sailing and other days it is HARD AS CAN BE!!!!

gotta go 


  1. Awesome job Karla!! You are proof that you don't have to let cookies staring you in the face make you give in.

    You have got this maintenance thing down - so happy for you!

  2. You wear maintenance well;)


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