Thursday, June 13, 2013

New food plan

so here is the new plan ... some thoughts

we added healthy fats, in the 1/4 avocado in the morning 
added more carbs... so I am not hungry all the time and am prone to binge eating 
and it is only 2 ounces of Quinoa... please!!! no big deal!!! 
added back in my beloved Greek yogurt... I haven't had Greek yogurt in MONTHS!!! 
put all carb meals before 3pm 
put the Casein shake at night, it makes me feel fuller and it is a slow digesting protein so it will feed my muscles 
(according to my daughter) 

so we will see 

2 ounces of Quinoa and some Chili paste 

my new mash 
has cauliflower; ground up like rice 
spaghetti squash; shredded and cut up 
carrots; baked WELL done and ground up... er kinda.. like rice 
carrots did not want to cooperate :P 

Karla... ohhh Karla 
this saying is for you!!!! 
I need reminding sometimes 

OMG!!! sooooo freakin good 
6 oz plain Greek 0% yogurt
3 ounces raspberries 
18 almonds crushed up 
a few packets of Stevia 

4 egg whites with cayenne and black pepper 
a mashed up 1/4 avocado 
on Ezekiel bread 

a shake 

I walked for 56 minutes
did about 45 minutes of circuit training 

my Fit bit says I got in 17578 steps 
burned 2025 calories 

boom!!! good day 


  1. All your food pics look very yummy. Just not enough fuel for me. I'd have increased it to 1/3 an avocado and 19 almonds (jk;)

  2. Wow, I will say that is great day! A ton of steps and a lot of great food. The last photo tricked me, the four egg whites looked like some sort of white fish. Here's to more good days!

  3. I have never eaten Quinoa. You make it look yummy

  4. Looks like a good plan. Hopefully you won't feel as hungry!


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