Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday cook day

protein coffee
3 egg whites and Ezekiel toast 

4 oz fish
green beans
cauliflower/carrot mash... YUMMO!!

shake with blueberries and in the midst of a cooking day 

3 oz chicken
cauliflower/carrot mash 
spaghetti squash 

my first attempt at Paleo bread.... meh :|
my niece suggested crumble it over soup... I may freeze it 

snacked on some olives 

I am supposed to eat again.... don't think I will... SOOOO full 

got in a teeny bit of cardio, 20 minutes
water check 
food check 

off to pack tomorrows food... I LOVE when the house is stocked up with yummy food .... makes my life SO much easier!!! 



  1. I love that we have the same coffee mug as well as almost matching titles ��

  2. Carrot/cauliflower mash? Any secret ingredients - or just mash the two?

    oh my! :)


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