Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Grocery shopping

here is a little snippet of the Ebook I am working on

Grocery list
S& F is Smart and Final
TJ's is Trader Joe's
WF is Whole Foods
Torani SF syrup for coffee S&F
Truvia sweetener
Little portion cups and lids (usually for dressing) S&F
Mrs Dash ... EVERY flavor :p
Extracts to add to yogurt and oatmeal
Cayenne Pepper (I read it speeds up your metabolism)
Cinnamon ... LOVE
Fish Spice
Dried Minced Onions
Chia seeds
Ground Flax Meal
Coconut flour
Coconut Cooking Spray TJ's
Olive oil cooking spray
Hemp hearts .... Great for you, I will add a bit to oatmeal
Oat flour for baking
Baking powder
Braggs Liquid Aminos WF or Vitamin shop
Spices.... Let me tell you a trick about spices, don't buy your spices on the grocery baking aisle.. No telling how old those cans are!! Buy them in the little baggies in the produce department!!! Most produce departments have a section where they sell spices... Ask your produce clerk if you can't find them. Usually they are all under $1 and especially during the holidays when customers are looking for the more expensive baking spices like Nutmeg... The little can can be $5 or more, the little baggies in the produce are under $1
Winner, winner

Raw almonds
Raw peanuts
Raw cashews
Raw pistachios .... Buy your nuts somewhere where you can get them in bulk so you don't have to spend so much!

protein.... This is such a personal decision... There are so many varieties and brands out there. I like Dymatize ISO-100, ON Gold Standard and we get the Dymatize Extended release Elite for the night shake or mug cake. I have bought several different brands of protein. this is just what is in my cupboard right this minute.

wasa fiber crisp read ... Great with egg salad and only 35 calories per slice 
Bimbo high fiber crispy toast.... Only 80 calories a slice
Ezekiel bread
100 calories sandwich thins if you like sandwiches
100 calorie bagel thins
Laughing Cow light wedges
oatmeal instant  for those lazy days
Steel cut oats
Low calorie pasta sauce... HARD to find... Buy several if you find this one!
low calorie Alfredo sauce... OMG!!! Put this on spaghetti squash, with 3 ounces of chicken... So freakin yummy!!
Trader Joes Soyaki sauce for stir fry... I have actually seen this in other markets... I thought this was something only TJ's carried... Obviously I was wrong
Rice cakes... Yeah I know they taste like cardboard... Emergency food
Pico pica hot sauce... Good on anything!
Heinz Reduced sugar Ketchup... Good on cold chicken or cold turkey burgers
Canned beans, for soups
Solid white in water tuna
Balsamic vinegar, Costco has the best deal on this especially how much of it I use
Quinoa ... Costco has the best deal
Walden Farms BBQ sauce, Sprouts ... Careful with these Walden Farms products... Most taste horrible but the BBQ sauce is a winner!!!
Mezzetta Deli sliced Peperoncini... Look in the pickle section ... Usually top shelf
Sesame oil for stif fry
Baby food jars of carrots for Jaime Eason carrot cake protein bars
Decaf tea... For the evening when you need something!! Sometimes a nice cup of tea does the trick...  Look for some flavors you like... I love apple cinnamon mixed with decaf tea and a splash of coconut milk and sweetener... Did the trick last night!!! Saved me from night time munching
Dill relish for your tuna... Do NOT buy sweet relish... Gross!!!
Chili garlic sauce, it's in the Asian section and price compare on this... Food 4 Less has this at half the price of the Von's by my house!!! So look at your prices
Tapatio hot sauce brown rice
Mustard spicy brown and regular yellow
Extra Virgin Coconut oil .. Again Costco has the best deal
Italian spices
Coconut milk.... I went through an unsweetened Almond milk phase... Just whatever milk you want
Wholly Guacamole 100 snack packs ... Again hard to find. I have only seen these at certain Ralph's and Sprouts almost always has these
Cottage cheese low fat ... Costco has the best price
Fage 0% Greek Yogurt PLAIN again Costco
Garlic, I like the big glass jars at Costco
green beans
Brussel sprouts Costco has huge bags super easy
jicama Food 4 Less
Red bell peppers
Carrots... I hardly ever buy the mini ones... They taste really watery. I like real carrots, they are more work but more flavorful
Orange Roughy fish
Costco tilapia
Boneless, skinless chicken breast
99% ground turkey
Jello SF pudding and jello boxes

later bloggity friends 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

going to town!!!

I am going crazy with this eBook idea 
I have 22 pages already!!! 


recipes I totally forgot about 

so much fun writing this all down 

it is all jumbled up, I am not a very organized thinker... lol 

I worked on it today for about 3 hours! wow 

more tomorrow 

here is a glimpse 

I love baked squash, and my cauliflower rice mixture... So I will bake acorn and kabocha squash and make my rice mixture and put it all in the same large plastic container

Baked squash
I bake squash ALL the time now. Squash is low in calories, it is a staple in my house

Baked acorn squash
I cut the squash in two, scoop out the seeds. Spray it with coconut oil and bake it according to the little sticker on the squash... 35 minutes at 400 (poke the squash ... You will know when it's done)
Scoop out the insides once it is cool and it is all cooked and ready for morning meal prep

Baked kabocha squash
Now this squash took me some figuring out how to get it right....
I don't cut this squash like you see it cut up on the Internet ...
I don't cut it through the stem ... Horizontally no
I cut it vertically so you have 2 flatter looking orbs
I think it is easier to scoop out and doesn't want to fall over in the oven
Cut horizontally, scoop out the seeds, spray with coconut oil and bake same according to the sticker on the squash
35 minutes at 400 (poke the squash you will know when it's done)

Baked spaghetti squash
Cut the squash in half long ways
Scoop out the seeds
Spray with coconut oil
Bake 35 minutes at 400 (poke the squash you will know when it is done)

I have found that if the spaghetti squash.. Actually all the baked squashes, if they are a little on the REALLY done side... (they are fork done, like a baked potato) they scoop out of the shell easier

I scoop out the spaghetti squash put it on the cutting board and chop it into small rice looking pieces... Then mix it with steamed minced up cauliflower

Steamed minced cauliflower
I steam 2-3 head of cauliflower at a time
Steam it so it is falling apart

Cauliflower "rice"
Dump the steamed cauliflower it into the large empty plastic container
Take a wire wisk and mash the cauliflower so it has a rice like consistency
Add the spaghetti squash that is cut up and rice looking
Mix the squash and cauliflower

I usually make a batch of the cauliflower rice and in the corner of the container put the other 2 baked squashes... I don't have room in my refrigerator to store all the veggies separately, and I usually mix and match them all together anyways

Baked stuffed spaghetti squash
Steamed broccoli
Giant steamer
Steam 8 minutes or until done to your preference
Dump into large plastic container
green beans
Sometimes I buy those huge bags of frozen green beans (lazy time) and cook them, drain them and put them in a large paper towel lined container
Costco has green beans already trimmed... Make's life soooo simple
Steam and dump into container
Costco green beans are easy... But sometimes they have an institutional kind of feel (think school or airplane lunches)
Grocery store green beans are the best, but you have to trim them so it takes more time
Steam, and dump into a paper towel lined large plastic container

There a zillion ways to cook this

Steamed ...meh

Bake on a foil lined pan that is sprayed with coconut cooking spray
I like it baked so the ends are almost crispy 20 minutes at 400

Or in a pinch I cut it into tiny pieces, put in a bowl add a splash of water and microwave for 3 minutes

My kid this morning did something I am going to try, she put her protein in a plastic container added a teaspoon of coconut oil and topped with raw asparagus ..... She said said she microwaves it and it cools the asparagus and the coconut oil is like butter ... Looked yummy and easy
Brussels sprouts
I tried baking them ... Ahhhhhhh they are okay .. Not great

I like them steamed for like 10-15 minutes almost overdone

I have to eat these when I am on vacation ... Makes me really smelly


I steam plain ole cabbage, easy peasy ... Makes me smelly but it is SUPER easy. I add my thinned salad dressing

more tomorrow... when I am all done I will add a link to the blog with the entire book 

Friday, July 26, 2013

E book

I have been busy
no not going crazy eating... lol

I am going to do an e book, write down all my recipe's, tips, tricks that have worked for me

I see folks all over Instagram that do this and I have actually bought a few of them. I am not going to charge for this, that's silly.... the e Book is more for me. I am enjoying doing it

Here is what I have so far....a glimpse

I for years thought to lose weight I had to not eat... makes sense right?..... WRONG!!!

you have to keep your metabolism moving … now I am no expert and this is just what has worked for me, so please keep that in mind

I eat 6 meals a day

I have my protein coffee first thing... I love my morning coffee!!

I love cinnamon so I make my coffee strong, dump some cinnamon in with the grounds, so the cinnamon brews with the coffee.

Add a little bit of the sugar free syrup (as much as you like)
pour in coffee
add a scoop of protein

sometimes the shaker wants to shoot coffee everywhere, so I just hold a kitchen towel over the lid

sometimes the protein clumps … fail, eww, yucko... start over

but 95% of the time it is perfect, so I use the shaker as my coffee creamer (remember I like strong coffee) but you can play with the portions and the flavorings

I just thought to get in all the protein I need in a meal, because of the protein count it counts as my first meal

There are a lot of thoughts out there on macros, calories, you need this you need that... I will just tell you what works for me
I used a macro calculator http://iifym.com/iifym-calculator/

to figure out what I need in a day. I need

protein : 160
carbs : 122
fats : 62
and I keep my calories at about 1580. You can use a calorie calculator

but of course you should always consult your doctor

Meal # 2 ideas

  • oats and 5 egg whites

oats in a coffee cup recipe
in a coffee cup put ¼ instant oats and a teaspoon of chia seeds and a teaspoon of flax meal. Add some water and microwave ( I usually just eyeball the water) be careful because Oatmeal will overflow in the microwave if you are not paying attention!!

health benefits of chia seeds
health benefits of flax

  • steel cut oats and 5 egg whites

steel cut oats recipe
½ cup steel cut oats
¼ cup hemp hearts
¼ cup flax meal
vanilla and cinnamon to taste
I follow the water to oatmeal ratio on the box of oatmeal but add more water because of the hemp and flax, sometimes if it comes out too thick I add some coconut milk
Sometimes I make this on the stove top, but with steel cut oats it has to cook for at least 5-7 minutes, so if I am too lazy (or busy) I make it in the crock pot and let it cook until it is done. Usually I do this on my day off when I am busy and I just check it every hour or so
Then I divide it into small meals, I use the app Lose it http://www.loseit.com/ and put in the calories to determine how many portions I want it to be, I try to keep my oat calories at about 100. I decide how many portions, measure it out into individual plastic containers and if I make a BIG batch I divide it and freeze the containers, so I just have to grab a frozen steel cut oatmeal when I am getting my food ready for the day

the ONLY bread I eat Ezekiel bread … yes I am a bread snob.
Health benefits of sprouted grain bread

  • Trader Joe's egg white salad and Bimbo high fiber crunchy toast

the Trader Joe's egg white salad is a bit spendy.. but it is yummo and easy
The Bimbo high Fiber toast is at Food 4 Less on the Bimbo rack (the green one)

  • Trader Joe's egg white salad and Ezekiel bread
  • 5 egg white omelet with veggies
  • 5 egg whites salad on Ezekiel toast
  • 5 egg white salad on Bimbo high fiber crunchy toast

egg white salad recipe #1
5 egg whites (hard boiled)
¼ avocado
spicy mustard

egg white recipe #2
5 egg whites (hard boiled)
one 100 calorie pouch of Wholly Guacamole (they carry this at some Ralphs and at Sprouts)
spicy mustard

  • 5 egg whites on toast with Wholly Guacamole 100 calorie pouch
  • Fage 0% plain yogurt and ¼ cup berries with sweetener
  • Fage 0% plain yogurt with cut up apple, cinnamon and sweetener
  • Fage 0% plain yogurt with strawberries and sweetener
  • Fage 0% plain yogurt with fruit and nuts

be careful of your yogurt, you want a brand with the least number of sugar's and the highest count of protein, look at the fat also

most flavored yogurt contain way too much sugar!! get plain and add your own fruit. Add your own sweetener

I usually buy raw, unsalted nuts. Sprouts carries them in bulk, so you can get a variety and not spend a fortune!

  1. almonds
  2. peanuts
  3. cashews
  4. walnuts
  5. pistachios

take them home, put on a TV show you like to watch. Now sit down and divide your nuts into snack pack baggies
you will need a box of snack size ziploc baggies, your kitchen scale. Use your Lose it app on your phone or on the web http://www.loseit.com/ keep the portion size to no more than 100 calories. Divide all your nuts and now you are set! When you are preparing your food in the morning, just grab a baggie and it is all portioned out!! Also when they are all in baggies you won't be tempted to grab a handful and snack!!

so what do you think? good idea? it will be a fun thing :) 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Body Fat test

this is the third time I have had my body fat tested
you put on your bathing suit and you dunk into this tank 
blow out as much air as you can 
the lady knocks the tank 
and you come up for air 
it takes like 5 minutes total 

I am VERY happy with the results... my kid has been trying to get me to eat more calories because last dunk it said I needed 1560 minimum calories 
phewy... I was eating way less
and doing good...
binge eating
doing good
binge eating 

she said it was because my calories were to low 
so I trusted her... ate more calories
they scale went up!!! OMG!!! freak out 
but look 
I gained 2.25 pounds 
but lost fat and gained muscle 
my body fat went DOWN!!! 

today after the gym 

Sunday workout

10 minutes warm up treadmill 
10 lb shoulder press X 3 
8 lb front lift X 3 
10 lb lying down fly X 3 
Treadmill run 2 minutes 
Lat pull down 60 lbs X 3
Reverse lat pull down 60 X 3
Abs off bench X 3
Treadmill run 2 minutes 
Corner 70-50-30 X 3
Back 50  lbs X 3
Abs on silver ball X 3
Stairs on 10 for 2 minutes 
Tricep machine 75 lb, 60 lb X2
Squats X 2 with 30 lb bar 
Treadmill 30 minutes at speed 4 

I have been toying with the perfect recipe for the mug/bowl cake 
I count the calories/macros... it's all good :) 
if it is a tad dry I pour some coconut milk over the top 
verdict: absolute deliciousness!! 

tootles :P 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Yes that's me!

In a dress!! 

I have an important luncheon next week. Spanx and small black heels :) 

Then in September/ October another luncheon ... Soo fun to be able to dress shop

Yesterday my sons meal choice 

Tommy's chili cheese fries ::::: drool:::: 

Nope not for me 

Yesterday I did really well in the food category --- I am doing a body fat water tank dunk this morning ---- ya think that MAYBE had something to do with yesterday's food choices :p

I think my weight may be up, but I am hoping my lean body mass is more. 

More later guys and gals 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sweet treat solution

I do love frozen yogurt, but since I started watching my macros ... ohh don't I sound hardcore... eeerrr 

hahahahahaha ...okay dork moment has passed
anywhoozle.. yikes looks at how many carbs are in a frozen yogurt!!! 
but I love a dessert in the evening soo Viola!! 

I made 2 different kinda.. eeer carried away much!!?? lol 
the above is for the Cinnamon, Graham blueberries ones. I ran out of Popsicle makers so I improvised on the  final 6. I used a tiny Rubbermaid container and a spoon...I Macgyver'd it :P 

the Chocolate flavored have this count 

basically the recipe is 1 cup of Greek 0% yogurt, 2 cups of Coconut milk, 2 scoops of whey 
you can tweek it all you want, but the carbs are WAY better than a frozen yogurt

best part...

I can have 4!!!!


Monday, July 8, 2013


My calories and macros 

Protein coffee

Squash, green beans chicken and almonds

Chicken, brown rice, broccoli and some light dressing 

Turkey, guacamole, cauliflower & spaghetti squash 

Killer day :)
Worked out check 
Cardio 40 minutes check
6 meals check 
Stayed in my calorie budget (1560) check
Hit my macros check 

Cool way to start my vacation :) 

Holy egg whites Batman!!! 6 whites, guacamole and Ezekiel bread 

Yummy protein pops 


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Good morning blog friends, Karla here 😃😃😃

You know how you feel lost. There is no hope. No matter what you try it just isn't working? I have kind of been in that place for a while now. My weight this morning was 140.4

It is almost 8 pounds up from my lowest. I try more calories and I think it is permission to eat like a maniac. I do not understand where this is coming from.  Maybe this is how maintenance is and I'm just being too hard on myself?

The up the down is that how this goes? Sometimes you feel like you are in control and other times you feel out of control

My clothes fit
But I feel like there is a dirty secret

The white bread and margarine late at night secret

I just start small... An extra bite here and extra bite there... And then it is like a freight train out of control

I'm going on vacation again. Today is the last day to work... So for 8 days I'm going to kill it in the gym do tons of cardio and eat really clean

Because Monday, July 15. I am going into a new environment at work, there will be uncertainty and challenges the process of learning new things ... Gaining confidence, Interacting with My peers and more office people

So there is the whole gaining confidence thing and nervousness about a new environment... But I cannot keep using that as an excuse

Life has ups and downs and I need to learn how to deal with it, Without drowning myself in my food or whatever other unhealthy choices  

So today my food is packed and I even allowed for myself to have a frozen yogurt

I am tracking my calories on the phone app lose it

I am wearing my Fitbit

And I'm writing about all of the reasons that I'm going to be successful...  I'm being accountable to you....  yes you the person sitting at the computer reading this

You may not know me but you are helping me

You may have never met me and don't even know my full name but you are helping me

You're helping me just by being there 

Because sometimes you just need to talk out the problem and not really get the feedback just talk it out and that's  what I'm doing... Solving my own problem by blogging about it

Thank you for being there for me

Okay now I'm going to go out and have a kick ass day

Monday, July 1, 2013

summertime Popsicle's

first things first... COFFEE!!!
the perfecto coffee!
I added cinnamon to the coffee as it was brewing
made a shake with Torani SF Hazelnut and some Rocky Road ON Gold Standard whey 
50% shake 
50% straight coffee 
ahhh soo yummo!! 

this looks like a hot mess but I assure you it was good! 
cauliflower, made into a rice 
carrots steamed soft
chopped up spaghetti squash 
and some Walden Farms Zero calorie BBQ sauce 

I was hungry but I knew I was meeting my daughter for breakfast so 2 apples with cinnamon and a spoon of Greek yogurt ... just took the edge off 

I ordered egg white burrito with tofu chorizo 

just munchin on some veggies. I made a dip with thinned dressing and a bit of cottage cheese 

so I saw thi on Instagram and it got me thinking... hummm it is hot as BLAZES here in the summertime and so often in the evening I just want a yummy so why not? 

and protein pops for breakfast :) 
40 calories 
1 fat 
4 proteins 
I will continue to tweek this and play with different ingredients 
you have to let it freeze overnight ... if you get too anxious the sticks pull out of the forms 
also because they are so icy I needed to run warm water on the outside of the Popsicle form to get them to release .... so worth it 

these look good... maybe next time? 

stay cool 

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