Sunday, July 14, 2013

Body Fat test

this is the third time I have had my body fat tested
you put on your bathing suit and you dunk into this tank 
blow out as much air as you can 
the lady knocks the tank 
and you come up for air 
it takes like 5 minutes total 

I am VERY happy with the results... my kid has been trying to get me to eat more calories because last dunk it said I needed 1560 minimum calories 
phewy... I was eating way less
and doing good...
binge eating
doing good
binge eating 

she said it was because my calories were to low 
so I trusted her... ate more calories
they scale went up!!! OMG!!! freak out 
but look 
I gained 2.25 pounds 
but lost fat and gained muscle 
my body fat went DOWN!!! 

today after the gym 

Sunday workout

10 minutes warm up treadmill 
10 lb shoulder press X 3 
8 lb front lift X 3 
10 lb lying down fly X 3 
Treadmill run 2 minutes 
Lat pull down 60 lbs X 3
Reverse lat pull down 60 X 3
Abs off bench X 3
Treadmill run 2 minutes 
Corner 70-50-30 X 3
Back 50  lbs X 3
Abs on silver ball X 3
Stairs on 10 for 2 minutes 
Tricep machine 75 lb, 60 lb X2
Squats X 2 with 30 lb bar 
Treadmill 30 minutes at speed 4 

I have been toying with the perfect recipe for the mug/bowl cake 
I count the calories/macros... it's all good :) 
if it is a tad dry I pour some coconut milk over the top 
verdict: absolute deliciousness!! 

tootles :P 


  1. Those are amazing results! Congratulations all the way around.

  2. Congratulations! Goes to show that muscle weighs more than fat!

  3. Well well well...interesting that increasing calories increased muscle mass and decreased body fat. I guess FIT is the new SKINNY:) Good on you and congratulations!

  4. Here's my perfected chocolate protein mug cake:
    Mix together:
    1/2 scoop chocolate casein
    1/2 TBSP coconut flour
    1/2 TBSP psyllium husks
    2 TBSP Special Dark Cocoa powder (ALL. THE. Difference!)
    Few TBSP splenda (to taste)
    Mix together:
    1/3 cup liquid egg whites + a loaded coffee spoon plain yogurt

    Mix all and microwave 1 minute. It will be a runny mess in center, mix it back together & microwave around 25-30 secs at power level 6-7. Remix and let it rest a few minutes. I found that to be the key to really great mug cake, it continues to bake a bit but doesn't get spongy/dry.



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