Friday, July 26, 2013

E book

I have been busy
no not going crazy eating... lol

I am going to do an e book, write down all my recipe's, tips, tricks that have worked for me

I see folks all over Instagram that do this and I have actually bought a few of them. I am not going to charge for this, that's silly.... the e Book is more for me. I am enjoying doing it

Here is what I have so far....a glimpse

I for years thought to lose weight I had to not eat... makes sense right?..... WRONG!!!

you have to keep your metabolism moving … now I am no expert and this is just what has worked for me, so please keep that in mind

I eat 6 meals a day

I have my protein coffee first thing... I love my morning coffee!!

I love cinnamon so I make my coffee strong, dump some cinnamon in with the grounds, so the cinnamon brews with the coffee.

Add a little bit of the sugar free syrup (as much as you like)
pour in coffee
add a scoop of protein

sometimes the shaker wants to shoot coffee everywhere, so I just hold a kitchen towel over the lid

sometimes the protein clumps … fail, eww, yucko... start over

but 95% of the time it is perfect, so I use the shaker as my coffee creamer (remember I like strong coffee) but you can play with the portions and the flavorings

I just thought to get in all the protein I need in a meal, because of the protein count it counts as my first meal

There are a lot of thoughts out there on macros, calories, you need this you need that... I will just tell you what works for me
I used a macro calculator

to figure out what I need in a day. I need

protein : 160
carbs : 122
fats : 62
and I keep my calories at about 1580. You can use a calorie calculator

but of course you should always consult your doctor

Meal # 2 ideas

  • oats and 5 egg whites

oats in a coffee cup recipe
in a coffee cup put ¼ instant oats and a teaspoon of chia seeds and a teaspoon of flax meal. Add some water and microwave ( I usually just eyeball the water) be careful because Oatmeal will overflow in the microwave if you are not paying attention!!

health benefits of chia seeds
health benefits of flax

  • steel cut oats and 5 egg whites

steel cut oats recipe
½ cup steel cut oats
¼ cup hemp hearts
¼ cup flax meal
vanilla and cinnamon to taste
I follow the water to oatmeal ratio on the box of oatmeal but add more water because of the hemp and flax, sometimes if it comes out too thick I add some coconut milk
Sometimes I make this on the stove top, but with steel cut oats it has to cook for at least 5-7 minutes, so if I am too lazy (or busy) I make it in the crock pot and let it cook until it is done. Usually I do this on my day off when I am busy and I just check it every hour or so
Then I divide it into small meals, I use the app Lose it and put in the calories to determine how many portions I want it to be, I try to keep my oat calories at about 100. I decide how many portions, measure it out into individual plastic containers and if I make a BIG batch I divide it and freeze the containers, so I just have to grab a frozen steel cut oatmeal when I am getting my food ready for the day

the ONLY bread I eat Ezekiel bread … yes I am a bread snob.
Health benefits of sprouted grain bread

  • Trader Joe's egg white salad and Bimbo high fiber crunchy toast

the Trader Joe's egg white salad is a bit spendy.. but it is yummo and easy
The Bimbo high Fiber toast is at Food 4 Less on the Bimbo rack (the green one)

  • Trader Joe's egg white salad and Ezekiel bread
  • 5 egg white omelet with veggies
  • 5 egg whites salad on Ezekiel toast
  • 5 egg white salad on Bimbo high fiber crunchy toast

egg white salad recipe #1
5 egg whites (hard boiled)
¼ avocado
spicy mustard

egg white recipe #2
5 egg whites (hard boiled)
one 100 calorie pouch of Wholly Guacamole (they carry this at some Ralphs and at Sprouts)
spicy mustard

  • 5 egg whites on toast with Wholly Guacamole 100 calorie pouch
  • Fage 0% plain yogurt and ¼ cup berries with sweetener
  • Fage 0% plain yogurt with cut up apple, cinnamon and sweetener
  • Fage 0% plain yogurt with strawberries and sweetener
  • Fage 0% plain yogurt with fruit and nuts

be careful of your yogurt, you want a brand with the least number of sugar's and the highest count of protein, look at the fat also

most flavored yogurt contain way too much sugar!! get plain and add your own fruit. Add your own sweetener

I usually buy raw, unsalted nuts. Sprouts carries them in bulk, so you can get a variety and not spend a fortune!

  1. almonds
  2. peanuts
  3. cashews
  4. walnuts
  5. pistachios

take them home, put on a TV show you like to watch. Now sit down and divide your nuts into snack pack baggies
you will need a box of snack size ziploc baggies, your kitchen scale. Use your Lose it app on your phone or on the web keep the portion size to no more than 100 calories. Divide all your nuts and now you are set! When you are preparing your food in the morning, just grab a baggie and it is all portioned out!! Also when they are all in baggies you won't be tempted to grab a handful and snack!!

so what do you think? good idea? it will be a fun thing :) 


  1. Brilliant Karla. You are an inspiration!

  2. WOOHOOO, I eat my words! I love the ebook idea!

    - Donna :)

  3. Yes Karla, continue. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is awesome. I like your blog. It is really a fun thing. I like egg white recipe #2 rather than else.

    Kopi Luwak

  5. I am so inspired by the aggressive and proactive manner in which you stay on top of maintaining your weight. You are showing the rest of us that perhaps maintenance is even more difficult than losing! Thanks for sharing all that you do. I know that you blog predominantly for yourself, but in doing so, you are helping, inspiring and motivating a helluva lot of people along the way! :)

  6. I'll buy your book...I make crockpot oats when it's cold out..I mix in protein powder, chia fruit, cinnamon and either some kind of milk or yogurt..It cooks overnight...I'll have to look up the recipe comes out like a cobbler cake-ish type thing and I divide it up and freeze some for another time...


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