Saturday, July 27, 2013

going to town!!!

I am going crazy with this eBook idea 
I have 22 pages already!!! 


recipes I totally forgot about 

so much fun writing this all down 

it is all jumbled up, I am not a very organized thinker... lol 

I worked on it today for about 3 hours! wow 

more tomorrow 

here is a glimpse 

I love baked squash, and my cauliflower rice mixture... So I will bake acorn and kabocha squash and make my rice mixture and put it all in the same large plastic container

Baked squash
I bake squash ALL the time now. Squash is low in calories, it is a staple in my house

Baked acorn squash
I cut the squash in two, scoop out the seeds. Spray it with coconut oil and bake it according to the little sticker on the squash... 35 minutes at 400 (poke the squash ... You will know when it's done)
Scoop out the insides once it is cool and it is all cooked and ready for morning meal prep

Baked kabocha squash
Now this squash took me some figuring out how to get it right....
I don't cut this squash like you see it cut up on the Internet ...
I don't cut it through the stem ... Horizontally no
I cut it vertically so you have 2 flatter looking orbs
I think it is easier to scoop out and doesn't want to fall over in the oven
Cut horizontally, scoop out the seeds, spray with coconut oil and bake same according to the sticker on the squash
35 minutes at 400 (poke the squash you will know when it's done)

Baked spaghetti squash
Cut the squash in half long ways
Scoop out the seeds
Spray with coconut oil
Bake 35 minutes at 400 (poke the squash you will know when it is done)

I have found that if the spaghetti squash.. Actually all the baked squashes, if they are a little on the REALLY done side... (they are fork done, like a baked potato) they scoop out of the shell easier

I scoop out the spaghetti squash put it on the cutting board and chop it into small rice looking pieces... Then mix it with steamed minced up cauliflower

Steamed minced cauliflower
I steam 2-3 head of cauliflower at a time
Steam it so it is falling apart

Cauliflower "rice"
Dump the steamed cauliflower it into the large empty plastic container
Take a wire wisk and mash the cauliflower so it has a rice like consistency
Add the spaghetti squash that is cut up and rice looking
Mix the squash and cauliflower

I usually make a batch of the cauliflower rice and in the corner of the container put the other 2 baked squashes... I don't have room in my refrigerator to store all the veggies separately, and I usually mix and match them all together anyways

Baked stuffed spaghetti squash
Steamed broccoli
Giant steamer
Steam 8 minutes or until done to your preference
Dump into large plastic container
green beans
Sometimes I buy those huge bags of frozen green beans (lazy time) and cook them, drain them and put them in a large paper towel lined container
Costco has green beans already trimmed... Make's life soooo simple
Steam and dump into container
Costco green beans are easy... But sometimes they have an institutional kind of feel (think school or airplane lunches)
Grocery store green beans are the best, but you have to trim them so it takes more time
Steam, and dump into a paper towel lined large plastic container

There a zillion ways to cook this

Steamed ...meh

Bake on a foil lined pan that is sprayed with coconut cooking spray
I like it baked so the ends are almost crispy 20 minutes at 400

Or in a pinch I cut it into tiny pieces, put in a bowl add a splash of water and microwave for 3 minutes

My kid this morning did something I am going to try, she put her protein in a plastic container added a teaspoon of coconut oil and topped with raw asparagus ..... She said said she microwaves it and it cools the asparagus and the coconut oil is like butter ... Looked yummy and easy
Brussels sprouts
I tried baking them ... Ahhhhhhh they are okay .. Not great

I like them steamed for like 10-15 minutes almost overdone

I have to eat these when I am on vacation ... Makes me really smelly


I steam plain ole cabbage, easy peasy ... Makes me smelly but it is SUPER easy. I add my thinned salad dressing

more tomorrow... when I am all done I will add a link to the blog with the entire book 

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