Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Grocery shopping

here is a little snippet of the Ebook I am working on

Grocery list
S& F is Smart and Final
TJ's is Trader Joe's
WF is Whole Foods
Torani SF syrup for coffee S&F
Truvia sweetener
Little portion cups and lids (usually for dressing) S&F
Mrs Dash ... EVERY flavor :p
Extracts to add to yogurt and oatmeal
Cayenne Pepper (I read it speeds up your metabolism)
Cinnamon ... LOVE
Fish Spice
Dried Minced Onions
Chia seeds
Ground Flax Meal
Coconut flour
Coconut Cooking Spray TJ's
Olive oil cooking spray
Hemp hearts .... Great for you, I will add a bit to oatmeal
Oat flour for baking
Baking powder
Braggs Liquid Aminos WF or Vitamin shop
Spices.... Let me tell you a trick about spices, don't buy your spices on the grocery baking aisle.. No telling how old those cans are!! Buy them in the little baggies in the produce department!!! Most produce departments have a section where they sell spices... Ask your produce clerk if you can't find them. Usually they are all under $1 and especially during the holidays when customers are looking for the more expensive baking spices like Nutmeg... The little can can be $5 or more, the little baggies in the produce are under $1
Winner, winner

Raw almonds
Raw peanuts
Raw cashews
Raw pistachios .... Buy your nuts somewhere where you can get them in bulk so you don't have to spend so much!

protein.... This is such a personal decision... There are so many varieties and brands out there. I like Dymatize ISO-100, ON Gold Standard and we get the Dymatize Extended release Elite for the night shake or mug cake. I have bought several different brands of protein. this is just what is in my cupboard right this minute.

wasa fiber crisp read ... Great with egg salad and only 35 calories per slice 
Bimbo high fiber crispy toast.... Only 80 calories a slice
Ezekiel bread
100 calories sandwich thins if you like sandwiches
100 calorie bagel thins
Laughing Cow light wedges
oatmeal instant  for those lazy days
Steel cut oats
Low calorie pasta sauce... HARD to find... Buy several if you find this one!
low calorie Alfredo sauce... OMG!!! Put this on spaghetti squash, with 3 ounces of chicken... So freakin yummy!!
Trader Joes Soyaki sauce for stir fry... I have actually seen this in other markets... I thought this was something only TJ's carried... Obviously I was wrong
Rice cakes... Yeah I know they taste like cardboard... Emergency food
Pico pica hot sauce... Good on anything!
Heinz Reduced sugar Ketchup... Good on cold chicken or cold turkey burgers
Canned beans, for soups
Solid white in water tuna
Balsamic vinegar, Costco has the best deal on this especially how much of it I use
Quinoa ... Costco has the best deal
Walden Farms BBQ sauce, Sprouts ... Careful with these Walden Farms products... Most taste horrible but the BBQ sauce is a winner!!!
Mezzetta Deli sliced Peperoncini... Look in the pickle section ... Usually top shelf
Sesame oil for stif fry
Baby food jars of carrots for Jaime Eason carrot cake protein bars
Decaf tea... For the evening when you need something!! Sometimes a nice cup of tea does the trick...  Look for some flavors you like... I love apple cinnamon mixed with decaf tea and a splash of coconut milk and sweetener... Did the trick last night!!! Saved me from night time munching
Dill relish for your tuna... Do NOT buy sweet relish... Gross!!!
Chili garlic sauce, it's in the Asian section and price compare on this... Food 4 Less has this at half the price of the Von's by my house!!! So look at your prices
Tapatio hot sauce brown rice
Mustard spicy brown and regular yellow
Extra Virgin Coconut oil .. Again Costco has the best deal
Italian spices
Coconut milk.... I went through an unsweetened Almond milk phase... Just whatever milk you want
Wholly Guacamole 100 snack packs ... Again hard to find. I have only seen these at certain Ralph's and Sprouts almost always has these
Cottage cheese low fat ... Costco has the best price
Fage 0% Greek Yogurt PLAIN again Costco
Garlic, I like the big glass jars at Costco
green beans
Brussel sprouts Costco has huge bags super easy
jicama Food 4 Less
Red bell peppers
Carrots... I hardly ever buy the mini ones... They taste really watery. I like real carrots, they are more work but more flavorful
Orange Roughy fish
Costco tilapia
Boneless, skinless chicken breast
99% ground turkey
Jello SF pudding and jello boxes

later bloggity friends 

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  1. Hi Karla - I was reading through your list and thought to myself...my Gawd! What kind of person can be so thorough in their grocery shopping list!?! Then I remembered...you're a store manager (hand slap on the forehead) Thanks for the detailed information, good luck with your ebook, and I'm looking forward to downloading the finished product:)


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