Monday, July 1, 2013

summertime Popsicle's

first things first... COFFEE!!!
the perfecto coffee!
I added cinnamon to the coffee as it was brewing
made a shake with Torani SF Hazelnut and some Rocky Road ON Gold Standard whey 
50% shake 
50% straight coffee 
ahhh soo yummo!! 

this looks like a hot mess but I assure you it was good! 
cauliflower, made into a rice 
carrots steamed soft
chopped up spaghetti squash 
and some Walden Farms Zero calorie BBQ sauce 

I was hungry but I knew I was meeting my daughter for breakfast so 2 apples with cinnamon and a spoon of Greek yogurt ... just took the edge off 

I ordered egg white burrito with tofu chorizo 

just munchin on some veggies. I made a dip with thinned dressing and a bit of cottage cheese 

so I saw thi on Instagram and it got me thinking... hummm it is hot as BLAZES here in the summertime and so often in the evening I just want a yummy so why not? 

and protein pops for breakfast :) 
40 calories 
1 fat 
4 proteins 
I will continue to tweek this and play with different ingredients 
you have to let it freeze overnight ... if you get too anxious the sticks pull out of the forms 
also because they are so icy I needed to run warm water on the outside of the Popsicle form to get them to release .... so worth it 

these look good... maybe next time? 

stay cool 


  1. Hi Karla the protein pops look good, I have never done Instagram.

  2. It would be like dessert for breakfast! Yum. My kids would think I had gone over to the "dark side!" Seriously though - they sound great.


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