Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sweet treat solution

I do love frozen yogurt, but since I started watching my macros ... ohh don't I sound hardcore... eeerrr 

hahahahahaha ...okay dork moment has passed
anywhoozle.. yikes looks at how many carbs are in a frozen yogurt!!! 
but I love a dessert in the evening soo Viola!! 

I made 2 different kinda.. eeer carried away much!!?? lol 
the above is for the Cinnamon, Graham blueberries ones. I ran out of Popsicle makers so I improvised on the  final 6. I used a tiny Rubbermaid container and a spoon...I Macgyver'd it :P 

the Chocolate flavored have this count 

basically the recipe is 1 cup of Greek 0% yogurt, 2 cups of Coconut milk, 2 scoops of whey 
you can tweek it all you want, but the carbs are WAY better than a frozen yogurt

best part...

I can have 4!!!!



  1. LOL Karla - I can see you jumping for food joy over your homemade frozen whey and coconut milk yummy thingy's:)

  2. Haha love the picture and gif additions.


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