Saturday, July 13, 2013

Yes that's me!

In a dress!! 

I have an important luncheon next week. Spanx and small black heels :) 

Then in September/ October another luncheon ... Soo fun to be able to dress shop

Yesterday my sons meal choice 

Tommy's chili cheese fries ::::: drool:::: 

Nope not for me 

Yesterday I did really well in the food category --- I am doing a body fat water tank dunk this morning ---- ya think that MAYBE had something to do with yesterday's food choices :p

I think my weight may be up, but I am hoping my lean body mass is more. 

More later guys and gals 


  1. Live that dress. Lol on the Tommy's. that place scares me! Good luck with the tank

  2. Hmmm. Meant love , but live works too! Typing on iPhone without coffee is always dicey. You look fabulous!

  3. Hi Karla - I like picture 3 of 6. It really shows off your womanly figure:)

  4. Measuring with a beautiful dress is so much more fun than measuring with a scale!

  5. Looking very slim and trim and beautiful. :)

  6. Beautiful! I like the 2nd dress! I agree, fun to dress shop now a days!

  7. I love the first dress you hot mama you :)


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