Saturday, August 31, 2013

Better day

It's hot as blazes here!!! And muggy to boot 

Got in a great gym session 

Food was good. Exercise was good. Water intake was so so 

Getting in my Project runway fix 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Training and dunking

I am away from home tonight so I packed food for 2 days and some gym clothes 

the hotel has a gym ..but ... Boo it opens at 5:30 AM... Really .... Grrrrr 
I will chill a bit and maybe go over tonight and do some cardio 

I was asked what am I training for? A goal? my sister has osteoporosis and I am a bit freaked by this so weight lifting for women helps to build strong bones... That and I LOVE to lift :p

And the dunking?? I dunk because the scale lies, it says I have gained weight. 

I am more muscular and the dunk shows that. It measures my lean body mass and the exact amount of fat on my body. I am not seeing those beautiful 130's much lately but my clothes are fitting and when I dunked last my muscle mass was greater so I am gaining more muscle and losing fat but if I go by the scale alone it just says I'm getting fatter

Win win!!!! I am a number obsessed person and when I dunk it gives me peace of mind that I am on the right path 

Okey dokey folks see y'all tomorrow 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

being a blogger sometimes is a drag

sometimes being a weight maintenance blogger is kind of a drag 
I want to lie and say how it is so easy and I am such a freakin super star 
that is so far from the truth it is insane!!! 
I blog less and it is harder
I blog and I have to be truthful... 

I struggle like a MO FO!! 

I would love to tell you that I am maintaining at a solid 135 and all my stresses in the world have absolutely NOTHING to do with food 


notice above I didn't weigh on Sunday... why you ask??? because I ate like an absolute crazy woman and I am too scared to face the scale 

I have walked the straight and narrow since and been 100% on my food plan 

Frosted brownie last night 

I have worked out every day!! 


my trainer was out of town and I am a lazy butt when he isn't pushing me 

but today I did do way way better!!! 


What gets me all freaked out is I don't want to weigh 139.9 in five weeks!!! I want to wake up tomorrow and weigh 139.9 

NOPE!! aint going to happen Sistar!! 

boo sad face 

I dunk again in October (body fat test) and that is about 5 weeks away so I have to get my act together and straighten up and fly right!!! 

Okay, so that usually means you are going to be seeing this blog re-energized!! I need your support... what do you have to do??? Nuttin honey!! LOL :P 

just be there!! make a comment every once in a while... or not ... 

blogging helps me stay accountable, so just sitting here typing helps me, so 

see ya tomorrow 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

No excuses

I added a screen saver to my phone 

I love Dymatize!!

Trader Joes muffin 

Good thing I packed all my food today. Theses were some of the foods offered 

And I had 2 small candies 

And berries and some veggies 

And home after a long meeting day

Sweet little face :)

And a shake to finish my day off 

I was a lazy bones Jones and no gym today 


Wee hours of the morning

I am awake at 2:30!!! I have a health screening this morning so no coffee for me, not sure I will make it 
Yesterday's eats 

Meal #1 - protein coffee 

Meal #2 - egg whites and oatmeal 

Meal #3 - Greek yogurt, 1/4 package of the dry SF jello pudding mix, strawberries and 1/8 cup almond milk 

Meal #4 - green beans, 3.5 ounces chicken, 2 ounces quinoa and some sirachi not chili sauce 

Snack : oranges 

Meal #5 - broccoli with some leftover mushrooms and onions, 3.5 ounces turkey patty, thinned salad dressing 

All packed and ready for the day 

Apple cider, yummo 

I love a new week <3 

Meal #6 was a protein pudding 
I mixed 1/2 cup Greek yogurt, 1/4 package SF pudding mix, some almond milk and a scoop of protein 

Good day 

I wore my fitbit... Omg!!! Embarrassing low number! I think I only got in 4,000 steps!! Eeee gads! This special assignment has me sitting on my butt teaching folks. I need to really be sure I get my cardio in 

See ya later blog family 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Good journal

1328 calories today

I did cardio and lifting this morning. I just have to make it through the night..

I gotta keep outta da kitchen!!! Kitchen is closed!!! 

When I struggle I have to eat more often, smaller meals, I am back down to 140 from 143.... 130's here I come!

Morning meal prep 


Boo kitchen wasn't closed :(

Popcorn grrrrr

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mini meals

Today's numbers

I hit the gym this morning at 4AM , just cardio. Tomorrow I will lift 

I tried this fizzy sugar free drink, really really good but soooo sweet 

I have been struggling a bit lately so I cut my meals in half and ate more often, just smaller meals 

So every time anyone saw me today, I was eating :p 

See ya tomorrow 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Some of today's eats

Broccoli, squash, chicken, guacamole and some thinned Newman's own light salad dressing 

Protein coffee 

I made a Greek yogurt cheesecake "pudding" OMG sooooo good!!!

Whites, oats, almonds 


I did ... Okay, not amazing ... Okay 

No gym, no cardio 

Feeling meh. I ALWAYS feel better when I hit the gym 

Tomorrow gym, me at 4AM!!! It's a date :p

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Food drunk

This is what I do when I am upset, freaked out, jealous, scared .... Sooooo unhealthy 

Boo sad face 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Howdy folks!!!

I am getting to be a lazy blogger 

shame shame 

so here is today's food 

coffee cup oatmeal 

1/4 cup oats, a teaspoon of each... flax, chia and hemp 

my morning protein coffee... 

egg white "sandwich" 

which dinner do you think was mine??? lol ..hubby had a slice of chocolate cake and I had a chocolate casein protein shake 

salad with chicken, guacamole, thinned Newman s light balsamic dressing and a KeVita (I had 2 KeVita's today) 

100 calorie convenient size  

green beans, a bit of cauliflower and squash, 4 ounces turkey and Walden Farms zero calorie BBQ sauce 

I switched to Fitness Pal ... I like that I can give myself nutritional goals 


I did 45 minutes of cardio this morning then lifted weights tonight... helps with frustrating days :p 


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