Wednesday, August 28, 2013

being a blogger sometimes is a drag

sometimes being a weight maintenance blogger is kind of a drag 
I want to lie and say how it is so easy and I am such a freakin super star 
that is so far from the truth it is insane!!! 
I blog less and it is harder
I blog and I have to be truthful... 

I struggle like a MO FO!! 

I would love to tell you that I am maintaining at a solid 135 and all my stresses in the world have absolutely NOTHING to do with food 


notice above I didn't weigh on Sunday... why you ask??? because I ate like an absolute crazy woman and I am too scared to face the scale 

I have walked the straight and narrow since and been 100% on my food plan 

Frosted brownie last night 

I have worked out every day!! 


my trainer was out of town and I am a lazy butt when he isn't pushing me 

but today I did do way way better!!! 


What gets me all freaked out is I don't want to weigh 139.9 in five weeks!!! I want to wake up tomorrow and weigh 139.9 

NOPE!! aint going to happen Sistar!! 

boo sad face 

I dunk again in October (body fat test) and that is about 5 weeks away so I have to get my act together and straighten up and fly right!!! 

Okay, so that usually means you are going to be seeing this blog re-energized!! I need your support... what do you have to do??? Nuttin honey!! LOL :P 

just be there!! make a comment every once in a while... or not ... 

blogging helps me stay accountable, so just sitting here typing helps me, so 

see ya tomorrow 


  1. Hey, Karla! Sounds pretty normal to me. The land of maintenance is different. Hang in there. Cheering for you on your way to the October dunk.

    Take care and keep going.

  2. Hi Karla - You manage a grocery store. You have obligations and responsibilities, budgets, deadlines, merchandising issues, etc., etc., all stressors. If I was around food all the time I don't know that I would have the strength to eat just one brownie. Maybe just one carton of brownies:) I do have a question about your dunking...if you don't mind.

    Other than achieving the aesthetically totally hawt look in a bikini, is there a specific physical goal you are working towards? The reason I ask is because once I get down to goal weight (about 14 pounds from here) I plan to go get dunked at the nearest facility. Here in Montana, I think I'm going to need to drive at least 4 hours away in Idaho for this test. But my reason for getting dunked is to find out how much more body fat I need to lose while maintaining my weight. After I reach goal weight I don't want to lose more weight, just get leaner and add muscle.

    I've got physical goals I want to achieve like 100 pushups and 20 pull ups and mud races and stuff like that. I am curious. What are you in training for?

  3. Keep going, Karla! You are my inspiration. I like reading what you have to eat and your exercises. Keeps me trying harder. Thanks! Julie

  4. I don't comment often, but I love reading your blog. I also love that you keep it real! You are awesome. I will keep on cheering you!


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