Thursday, August 15, 2013

Howdy folks!!!

I am getting to be a lazy blogger 

shame shame 

so here is today's food 

coffee cup oatmeal 

1/4 cup oats, a teaspoon of each... flax, chia and hemp 

my morning protein coffee... 

egg white "sandwich" 

which dinner do you think was mine??? lol ..hubby had a slice of chocolate cake and I had a chocolate casein protein shake 

salad with chicken, guacamole, thinned Newman s light balsamic dressing and a KeVita (I had 2 KeVita's today) 

100 calorie convenient size  

green beans, a bit of cauliflower and squash, 4 ounces turkey and Walden Farms zero calorie BBQ sauce 

I switched to Fitness Pal ... I like that I can give myself nutritional goals 


I did 45 minutes of cardio this morning then lifted weights tonight... helps with frustrating days :p 



  1. I so wish I could again be so exact about my day. I'm proud of you for your perseverance, girl!

  2. Great day Karla. The egg white sandwich looks good, I'll have to try one soon.

  3. The egg white sandwich looks good with coffee. I love coffee. It is great your diet is full of nutrient.

    Kopi Luwak

  4. What is your MFP name? I'll add you! :)

  5. I think it's just we all get a little behind on blogging in the summer! Good to see you posting :)


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