Sunday, August 4, 2013

Meal prep

I found this yesterday at Smart and Final... cinnamon GALORE!!! 2 pounds 3 ounces!!! but of course I bought it :P 

hard boiled eggs 

2 steamed cauliflowers, minced up with a wire, a spaghetti squash baked and diced and shredded, an acorn squash baked and dices up and kaboocha squash  

yes we are a turkey eatin bunch of folks! 

brown rice in the back and quinoa in the front 
good carbs :) 

chicken and turkey patties  

grrrr my Mother in law brought these over yesterday.... 

left plain ole steel cut oats 
right steel cut oats with hamp, flax and chai seeds 
I made them in the rice maker... it worked really nicely!!! 

baked carrots and a zucchini  

I kept 2 packs of eggs for raw and the rest I hard boiled 

steamed green beans 

salad... all we need to do is put a serving on miked greens and instant salad 


all this took me about 5 hours 
but I am all set for the entire week (hopefully!!!) 


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