Thursday, August 29, 2013

Training and dunking

I am away from home tonight so I packed food for 2 days and some gym clothes 

the hotel has a gym ..but ... Boo it opens at 5:30 AM... Really .... Grrrrr 
I will chill a bit and maybe go over tonight and do some cardio 

I was asked what am I training for? A goal? my sister has osteoporosis and I am a bit freaked by this so weight lifting for women helps to build strong bones... That and I LOVE to lift :p

And the dunking?? I dunk because the scale lies, it says I have gained weight. 

I am more muscular and the dunk shows that. It measures my lean body mass and the exact amount of fat on my body. I am not seeing those beautiful 130's much lately but my clothes are fitting and when I dunked last my muscle mass was greater so I am gaining more muscle and losing fat but if I go by the scale alone it just says I'm getting fatter

Win win!!!! I am a number obsessed person and when I dunk it gives me peace of mind that I am on the right path 

Okey dokey folks see y'all tomorrow 

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  1. Thanks, now I know:) Fit is the new skinny, but I guess you already knew that;)


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