Monday, September 2, 2013


Yes it's true 
I am slipping 
Getting fat again
Falling back into old behaviors
Eating my feeling 
So what am I going to do? 
I rejoined Weight Watchers online and I am excited about it!! This worked for me in losing the weight, so back to the beginning 

I have set up a weekly reward system for myself, I thought a month out was too far. I need shorter goals right now, but today I am nervous about training. My trainer isn't dumb, he must see me getting bigger and bigger. Maybe he won't ask about my weight, he doesn't always 

So today is a holiday, food shopping and prep and laundry. My new washing machine comes Wednesday so last trip to MIL's to do wash. Dang washers don't last like they used to!!! We only got 3 years outta this last one... Oh well!! 

So today is all about staying within my point allowance. I have 26!! 

Boom!! Back at it 

Freakin finally!!


  1. You can do this Karla. It's always great when you can check yourself before you go back to the bad habits. :)

  2. The 26 points are okay, but the extra 49 don't work for me. I also think free fruit is a joke. Nobody at WW cares about my opinion though.

    I've talked to other WW members who have also had to greatly modify the existing plan. I wish they would make changes for the better soon. Good luck with it. :)

  3. Maintenance is a prickly bitch!! I keep slipping and sliding within a twenty pound range. It's absolutely maddening!!! Just when I think I've nailed my food issues for good, relaxing my vigilance, that's when I slip body, mind and soul down the slippery slope of food addicted behaviors. And for me, it only takes one bite and before I know it, I've inhaled my meal, your meal and everybody else's meal! And I continue on the hunt for more! However, you can do it Karla! We can do it! Let's nail this sucker back into oblivion!!!

  4. I'm loving the simply filling! It's a good fit for me right now. This week I used all my 49 points plus all but 3 of my activity points and I still lost 3.6 :)
    You can do this Karla!!


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