Monday, September 2, 2013

Back to what worked

total random order 
I am going to have a shake tonight with Almond milk 

the inside of my turkey roll up 

treat after dinner. Cool Whip free and a WWer bar 

Oroweat thin with some cottage cheese 

turkey roll up 

a few cantaloupe slices 

I had 23 points today. I counted my fruit each as a point 
I want to lose weight on this Weight Watchers program no gain or maintain so I think 23 will be enough points... I mean sheesh look at all I ate today!! 

a veggie patty with broccoli and thinned dressing 

strawberries, Fage 0%, and a 1/4 package dry SF pudding mix 

protein coffee and a shake tonight... I still need to get in at least 2 shakes 
(so I have decided) to get enough protein in 

some spaghetti squash with light Alfredo sauce 

okay okay I know this is not my usual "clean" fare, but I am so sick of eating the same thing over and over every day... I did good today, no struggles, and I ate when I wanted to ... not by the clock 

back to what worked

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