Saturday, September 14, 2013

Giggly gig

Home again home again jiggly jig :) 
Whoops showing my age there ... Tee hee 

Turkey wrap .... Ahhhhhhh ohhhh eeeee

This was waiting for me when I got home sixpack was wonderful and sent me a brand-new sixpack because mine was falling apart. The new one is even more awesome and amazing and fantastic and just wonderful wow!!! I think I like it better

I hate it when the protein clumps but I found a way around it

Turkey wrap completed and ready to devour, Nope I had to wait this goes in the lunch bag 

A usual  :). oatmeal and egg whites 

what would we do without our morning breakfast?!!

3 ounces of turkey, broccoli and some light and thinned out Newman's own  balsamic  vinaigrette

Easy peasy 

If you think that probiotics don't work 

you are wrong!!!

coming home and getting back on my probiotics oh my gosh!!! yes they do work that's all I am saying 

Today I need to grocery shop,  tomorrow cook 

and get back in the food business ... derp I made a funny 

I am a grocery store manager..... I obviously am not known for my witty personality  hee hee .... okay okay i  outta here!!! feeling very dork like right now 

have a wonderful day

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  1. The turkey wrap just had my stomach growling. :)


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