Sunday, September 22, 2013

Great weekend!!

I love my Kevita drinks :) 

some of my cooking for the week 

this protein clumps every day... grrr I need to go get some ON I think its the one in the red container... I will have to look through old blog posts 

foamed up like crazy!!! vanilla whey, an apple, cinnamon and water 

yummo dinner, tilapia, veggies and some thinned dressing 

the is the protein that clumps in my morning coffee... so I will have to have it as my afternoon shake.. drag 

3 egg whites with oats in the morning and 4 egg whites at night = lotsa eggs need to be cooked!!

18 almonds 

bike ride, 30 minutes cardio and a little bit of weights today 

squash, cauliflower, turkey and Walden farms zero calorie BBQ sauce 

my hubby made a comment to me about how I always eat the same thing... When I was big I also ate the same things; donuts, fast food, whole milk lattes, chips, cookies and ice cream.... I think I am making better choices now 


later guys 

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  1. Have you ever tried Eggies? I bought them and use them to make egg white "eggs" and love them! Might save you from spending the extra to throw out the yolk! ;)

    PS, I always eat the same thing to, but you're right, now I'm making better choices! :)


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