Friday, September 6, 2013

Tidbits and tortillas

Someone asked me the other day about my turkey wrap. I searched high and low for the best tortilla that I could find And I really cannot take credit for this I found it on another weight watcher or weight loss blog. 

I have only been able to find these at Von's 

 I understand different stores carry different things and this find definitely took some looking!!! But sooo worth it!!

Protein coffee and some morning oats 

Car food 

A hair cut :p 

Someone asked me about the Kevita the other day. When I get a chance I pick them up at whole foods because you get a discount if you buy 12. They are also available at my local Sprouts and even sometimes at the Von's 

My weight is slowly slowly slowly coming back down...,you can go back up in a heartbeat but it takes a while to lose it again .... When will I learn??? 



  1. I can't do car food. I always end up wearing it out, as in on my shirt:(

  2. Those are my favorite tortillas! I count them as Simply Filling ;)
    Oh don't you look cute!


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