Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Changing things up a bit

Some of the old: I have brought back some old recipes from when I was losing my weight 

New: I have upped my workouts! I  doing 3 FULL hours a week and I mean FULL!! Sprinkle in some cardio on the off days. When I leave I am beet red and covered in sweat!!! I love it! I don't think there has been even one day in the last 9 days (date I changed my workouts) that my muscles weren't recovering. I am feeling so amazing! I love this new level of intensity! I feel like I have moved to the next level in my training ..... I am sooooooo hooked! I love this lifestyle! 

But there have been some side effects of changing things up

I am soo tired! I haven't gotten used to the pace yet! Hungry ALL THE TIME! Muscles sore 

I wouldn't trade it though :) 

Yeah I am a 54 year old bad ass 

Hee hee 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Today's food plan

I am going to go in the garage and do some cardio after I post this (I am killing time while an episode of Project runway downloads from  iTunes) 

Oats and egg whites 

That great idea of peanut butter cups turned into rocks!!! I'm using them to put in my coffee in the morning 

Homemade lentil soup and I added some turkey meatloaf

A sandwich roll up made with turkey and laughing cow

The ever present broccoli and chicken

Tonight I will have a protein shake when I get home and that's that

Have a great day! 
stay positive :)
get your cardio in 
and eat well 

Deb please track :p 

Later guys

Saturday, October 19, 2013

week in pictures

Birthday week 54!! 

yes I ate WAY to many treats!! Last weekend but I followed it up with a good week of food

last weekend I made soup and baked oats 

it is so convenient to have prepared food 

I made a HUGE change this last week, switched up my training 

 in the weeee early morning hours!! 5AM eeekkk!!! coffee is my friend :) but it is nice 
I have had my arse thoroughly kicked this week! It even hurts to change my clothes because my triceps are so sore. I tell ya .... I have been sleeping like a baby also :) 

some of my morning food prep for today, no excuses to go off track... I have brought my calories up a little and actually lost weight... just slower without those crazy binges of the high low roller coaster 

I also stocked up on Costco protein... the scoop inside the bag was crazy stupid HUGE, more like a shovel than a scoop :P 

this morning was core and cardio and hour of crazy intense... the sweat was pouring off my face ... gross but I love it!!! Breakfast was immediately after, 6 whites and a pancake... I only ate about 2/3's of the pancake and they had SF syrup!! Cool man 

today is chore day 
have a great day 

Sunday, October 6, 2013


 I have all these great ideas 
Wonderful plans 
Then the weekend comes 
For me it's not a weekend 
It's a weak-end 
I woke up this morning feeling aweful!!! 
I did do my food prep for the week yesterday, so prepared but I also ate like a maniac!! Candy candy candy nooooooooooooo

I saw someone on Instagram this morning using excel to calculate their entire week 

Cool idea, I think I will try that today 

Later guys and gals 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sick day

We had a little bit of a crisis in our family,  so I did not go to work yesterday. I needed to be there for somebody I love. No big drama but they couldn't be alone 

So of course I took my food along :p

I did a lot better than I thought food wise. Surrounded by cookies and candy yesterday I stuck to my food. I should see those beautiful 130's I would think by Monday for sure!!! I think my trainer looked at me the other day and could see I was in the mid 140's... And oh wow!!! 

He pushed me!! Cracked down on the diet and boom right back on track :) 

I have to squeeze in some regular day off duties this weekend while helping the family. 

1134 calories yesterday but not an ioda of exercise .... Oh well gym this morning for sure!!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

My food today


This is today's food. I need to get my act together! No more negativity and telling myself being in the 140's is okay! I know better! 
Tonight I train, this will be night #3 this week
Woo hooo!!! I love me some weight lifting 


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