Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sick day

We had a little bit of a crisis in our family,  so I did not go to work yesterday. I needed to be there for somebody I love. No big drama but they couldn't be alone 

So of course I took my food along :p

I did a lot better than I thought food wise. Surrounded by cookies and candy yesterday I stuck to my food. I should see those beautiful 130's I would think by Monday for sure!!! I think my trainer looked at me the other day and could see I was in the mid 140's... And oh wow!!! 

He pushed me!! Cracked down on the diet and boom right back on track :) 

I have to squeeze in some regular day off duties this weekend while helping the family. 

1134 calories yesterday but not an ioda of exercise .... Oh well gym this morning for sure!!


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