Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Today's food plan

I am going to go in the garage and do some cardio after I post this (I am killing time while an episode of Project runway downloads from  iTunes) 

Oats and egg whites 

That great idea of peanut butter cups turned into rocks!!! I'm using them to put in my coffee in the morning 

Homemade lentil soup and I added some turkey meatloaf

A sandwich roll up made with turkey and laughing cow

The ever present broccoli and chicken

Tonight I will have a protein shake when I get home and that's that

Have a great day! 
stay positive :)
get your cardio in 
and eat well 

Deb please track :p 

Later guys

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  1. Oh Karla - I had forgotten how much I love lentil soup until you posted that picture. Now I'm craving it for breakfast and there is none in the house. It used to be a favorite food of mine:)


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