Saturday, October 19, 2013

week in pictures

Birthday week 54!! 

yes I ate WAY to many treats!! Last weekend but I followed it up with a good week of food

last weekend I made soup and baked oats 

it is so convenient to have prepared food 

I made a HUGE change this last week, switched up my training 

 in the weeee early morning hours!! 5AM eeekkk!!! coffee is my friend :) but it is nice 
I have had my arse thoroughly kicked this week! It even hurts to change my clothes because my triceps are so sore. I tell ya .... I have been sleeping like a baby also :) 

some of my morning food prep for today, no excuses to go off track... I have brought my calories up a little and actually lost weight... just slower without those crazy binges of the high low roller coaster 

I also stocked up on Costco protein... the scoop inside the bag was crazy stupid HUGE, more like a shovel than a scoop :P 

this morning was core and cardio and hour of crazy intense... the sweat was pouring off my face ... gross but I love it!!! Breakfast was immediately after, 6 whites and a pancake... I only ate about 2/3's of the pancake and they had SF syrup!! Cool man 

today is chore day 
have a great day 


  1. Happy Birthday!! I wish I could be organized enough to cook in advance

  2. happy organized!


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