Saturday, November 30, 2013

Left over pie

In my house 

Makes me crazy!!! I have no control 
I think husband is going to flip but I am going to have to trash the left over pie tomorrow 

I am dunking Thursday morning and I can't eat pie ... I am eating pie and that's not good

In my house right now 
Pumpkin pie
Pecan pie
Apple pie 
Pumpkin cheesecake 

Dang too much junk food 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Today's eats journal style

I didn't count calories today 

We went to breakfast and I ordered an egg white omelette and it wasn't egg whites, the deli was crazy busy so I just ate half 

I did do something nice for myself today and went an got my nails done 😄😄 

I will check in tomorrow night 


I am stuggling

so here is my deal

I weighed 148.6 this morning. I haven't blogged about it because I ... well you will understand as you read (if you read)

I switched trainers 5 weeks ago. I love my new trainer and I didn't want to blog about it because I loved my old trainer ... My old one was awesome, but I wasn't feeling challenged and I just needed something new (I feel traitorous writing this) anyway... I switched and I didn't want to blog about it because I loved my old one, love the new one but well I switched ... it'd done, over and finished

new trainer, new program.. so anywhoosle... new trainer doesn't babysit me as much as old trainer in regards to my food... I am an adult (supposedly) and should be able to monitor my food

okay I am failing...

new program is you need to eat according to your last body fat test dunk which said I could have 1560 calories ... well I have been working out a zillions times harder and my appetite is ferocious and 1560 is sometimes like 1800

add in some crazy food out of control sessions and now I have gone from 138-142 to 148.6

I want to scream and do something stupid... like fast or juice fast of go find some diet pills

or lie and pretend that everything is the same

but it's not

so today I spoke to my trainer and he told me not to count calories, just to eat right, eat clean, eat every 2.5-3 hours, drink lots of water and to start a food journal and he will look at it next week

so I am going to do this and I have to blog more, and be real and this is where I am at right now in my maintenance

I have the body fat dunk in 12 days, thanksgiving is in there so that will be a challenge AND I want to start 2014 at 138-139 because that would be 3 years in a row I have started at the same weight

okay I confessed ... I feel better

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I punked out

I canceled my dunking body fat test for tomorrow I'm going to have it done December 5 at 6 AM so it will be consistent result was last time I did the body fat test that was first thing in the morning plus it'll give me if another week or so to lose a few more pounds. 

Can you tell I'm shaking in my boots?

 ha ha

Tomorrow's the day!

I am dunking. My body fat will be measured, I am nervous. Okay I lied 

I am freaked out outta my mind!!! 

Today I m not going to starve, just stay the course. This lifestyle is just that a LIFESTYLE and tomorrow is just a measurement about a point in time to help me understand where I need to focus more 

I always start my day the same. One or two tablespoons max of creamer and a protein shake as the main "creamer" for my coffee 


I always look for the lower calorie milks whether it is coconut or almond. I don't drink soy milk 

Meal #2 was also a regular meal: 6 whites and my oats with a teaspoon of Nutzo 

Meal #3 Greek yogurt with Stevia, vanilla and cinnamon 

My prepared meals for the rest of the day 
Kale salad with tuna 
Squash with turkey meatloaf 
Carrots, cauliflower and chicken 
EASY on the dressing 

A selfie yesterday at work :p 

I saw this today on Instagram and I loved it!!

Oh and a casein shake tonight 

Tootles :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Yeah I love new stuff

I think I have a touch of OCD here's my oatmeal already for the week it is a quarter cup oats, 1 tablespoon flax, 1 tablespoon Chia seed and 1 tablespoon hemp 

And I added in a teaspoon of this deliciousness to the oatmeal

And meal number one 4 AM

Meal number two will be protein shake me with coffee and almond milk when I get back from working out from 5 AM to 6 AM

these nuts and finish up my protein shake as I'm driving to work

squash and homemade turkey loaf 

Baked cauliflower, baked carrots and chicken

6 whites 

Kale salad with a can of tuna

Kevita, LOVE

And here is the newbie I found this on Instagram and then when I went to Whole foods they had it!! 
I was so excited

Just very basic ingredients all three of them and maybe a little high in calories because it's the olive oil which is what you need anyway. I'm just really careful and measure 

I dunk for the body fat Wednesday night, so I am a little nervous but I'll be fine

And just been focusing on eating well and working out. My weight is up but I'm sure my muscle mass is stronger

Now I just want to get stronger and leaner and reshape my body more than see a different number on the scale

Tootles lovies 

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Howdy. I am still alive a kickin :) 

Some if my recent eats 
I switched to smaller containers ... It does seem to help 

I am sooo excited to say that I have added nut butters into my diet, ah yummo!!! 

This is to die for! Lots of good fats and even some protein!! I have been trying to watch the sodium. Once you start reading labels it is absolutely alarming!! 

I made curry chicken ... mew but I didn't want to toss it so this week will be a bit odd 

I am loving my new workouts. I know no one else can see a difference in me, but I feel the changes in my body. I feel strong and its always a different workout so it's always a challenge 

Living life 

Now if I would only just win the dang lottery 


Thursday, November 7, 2013


Breakfast was a very usual meal. Oats with chia, flax and hemp and egg whites. Protein in my coffee 

Squash, cauliflower and turkey 

Kale salad with tuna. This is a new combo and I will definitely have this again 

Hee hee 

4 whites 


Hopefully I can make it all night but I would be shocked if I do :p 

Even if I have a shake or quest bar it's still all good 

Later guys and gals 

I made an appointment!!

I dunk Wednesday 11/20/2013!!!

so I have 2 weeks to get my weight in check... AND I dunk at 7pm... that sucks but I had to work the dunk schedule around my work schedule

I have never dunked at night! I have always done it first thing, so my weight will be up because of that but I want to make sure it is only up because of the time of day and not because of my actual weight

Since I changed my training around I am curious how my lean body mass will measure

I am scared!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Looking at my diet over the last month 
I see why I am struggling. The Costco sliced pepper turkey has a crazy amount of sodium in it and I have been eating this sometimes twice a day!! 

I Googled it and my sodium should be about 1500.... Yesterday it was at 2600!!! 

Wow! No wonder I have been feeling very marshmallowy (is that a word?) 

So today I am at 1800, not quite at the goal of 1500 but a heck of a lot better. I really want to finish this year at 139! That would be three years of maintaining ..... I understand it is just a number blah blah blah and muscle weighs more than fat BUT if I am at 139 and have more muscle mass that just men's I am leaner... Right? 

So my food is all packed. No pictures .... Derp 

1. Protein coffee 
2. 6 egg whites and 18 almonds 
3. A cup of veggies and 3 ounces of home made turkey loaf 
4. Same as #3 
5. A serving of Greek plain 0% yogurt and strawberries 
6. Protein shake with unsweetened almond milk and peanut butter 

1300ish calories, a gallon of water is the plan 
and I did 30 minutes of the treadmill 

The sodium kicker today was the SF BBQ sauce I have been using.... I didn't realize it had so much sodium in it.... Dang. I am not going to toss the meal I made but I won't be buying it for a while 

Sometimes I feel like this weigh maintenance thing is like I am a scientist or a puzzle 

Always seeing what works, what doesn't while trying to fight the boredom of eating the same thing every day yet not going too crazy 

Later guys and gals 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Eeehh okay not great

Too many fudge bars 
Dang things are so good!! 

Protein coffee and some Greek yogurt 

Brussel sprouts, green beans, chicken, almonds and some dressing 

I am embarrassed to say how many of these I had 


I tried to make almond joy butter.. Kind of turned into almond joy granola. I added oats and some chocolate protein powder 

I did get in a killer walk though :) 

Kale salad with some cold tri tip 

My food is all packed for tomorrow. I enjoyed my vacation so much but I always do better with my food when I have the structure of my job 

Later guys and gals 

So here is the deal folks

1/1/2010 my weight was 199.6
1/1/2011 139.6
1/1/2012 139.6
1/1/2013 139.4

So this morning I was 146.2 so I have a bit of work to do 

2 months and 7 pounds totally doable! 

This is where I get complacent. The jeans were sooo tight, but whatever!! I got them on! And they are legging jeans so it's the style. Also I bought a size larger jean this past week... Boo but I am tired of the tight fit and them always feeling like they are falling off my rear end :/ 

But I can't get comfy in a larger size jean. Plus also a note here is I wear jeans very seldom. I am usually in work clothes or comfy soft cotton jammies 

We went to lunch at True Food kitchen in Santa Monica yesterday OMG!!!!! Sooo amazing. Quinoa burger with hummus and tzatziki sauce, kale salad and sweet potatoe hash. So delicious 

Well guys and gals I am going to blog a bit more as it helps me focus on what I am eating 

I should (hopefully) be doing the water tank body fat test this month so that will help also 

Tootles :) 

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