Thursday, November 7, 2013


Breakfast was a very usual meal. Oats with chia, flax and hemp and egg whites. Protein in my coffee 

Squash, cauliflower and turkey 

Kale salad with tuna. This is a new combo and I will definitely have this again 

Hee hee 

4 whites 


Hopefully I can make it all night but I would be shocked if I do :p 

Even if I have a shake or quest bar it's still all good 

Later guys and gals 

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  1. Hi Karla, Based on the post title I thought the subject matter might be about something to do with being "regular." I tried kale a little differently the other day. I boiled it, drained it, and then added it to an egg omelet with stir fried tomatoes, onions and celery. It was pretty good:) Tasted like spinach in the eggs.


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