Sunday, November 3, 2013

So here is the deal folks

1/1/2010 my weight was 199.6
1/1/2011 139.6
1/1/2012 139.6
1/1/2013 139.4

So this morning I was 146.2 so I have a bit of work to do 

2 months and 7 pounds totally doable! 

This is where I get complacent. The jeans were sooo tight, but whatever!! I got them on! And they are legging jeans so it's the style. Also I bought a size larger jean this past week... Boo but I am tired of the tight fit and them always feeling like they are falling off my rear end :/ 

But I can't get comfy in a larger size jean. Plus also a note here is I wear jeans very seldom. I am usually in work clothes or comfy soft cotton jammies 

We went to lunch at True Food kitchen in Santa Monica yesterday OMG!!!!! Sooo amazing. Quinoa burger with hummus and tzatziki sauce, kale salad and sweet potatoe hash. So delicious 

Well guys and gals I am going to blog a bit more as it helps me focus on what I am eating 

I should (hopefully) be doing the water tank body fat test this month so that will help also 

Tootles :) 

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