Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tomorrow's the day!

I am dunking. My body fat will be measured, I am nervous. Okay I lied 

I am freaked out outta my mind!!! 

Today I m not going to starve, just stay the course. This lifestyle is just that a LIFESTYLE and tomorrow is just a measurement about a point in time to help me understand where I need to focus more 

I always start my day the same. One or two tablespoons max of creamer and a protein shake as the main "creamer" for my coffee 


I always look for the lower calorie milks whether it is coconut or almond. I don't drink soy milk 

Meal #2 was also a regular meal: 6 whites and my oats with a teaspoon of Nutzo 

Meal #3 Greek yogurt with Stevia, vanilla and cinnamon 

My prepared meals for the rest of the day 
Kale salad with tuna 
Squash with turkey meatloaf 
Carrots, cauliflower and chicken 
EASY on the dressing 

A selfie yesterday at work :p 

I saw this today on Instagram and I loved it!!

Oh and a casein shake tonight 

Tootles :)

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  1. I like your instagram photo. More people should live this self confidently.


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