Saturday, November 16, 2013


Howdy. I am still alive a kickin :) 

Some if my recent eats 
I switched to smaller containers ... It does seem to help 

I am sooo excited to say that I have added nut butters into my diet, ah yummo!!! 

This is to die for! Lots of good fats and even some protein!! I have been trying to watch the sodium. Once you start reading labels it is absolutely alarming!! 

I made curry chicken ... mew but I didn't want to toss it so this week will be a bit odd 

I am loving my new workouts. I know no one else can see a difference in me, but I feel the changes in my body. I feel strong and its always a different workout so it's always a challenge 

Living life 

Now if I would only just win the dang lottery 


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