Sunday, December 15, 2013

22 points

tried something old today, counting WWer points. I found an app on my phone that uses the old system of calories, fat and fiber
Greek Yogurt and some fiber one cereal 

a protein pudding 

I made some SF jello's for the week, they are SF lime jello a half cup of cottage cheese and a bit of crushed pineapple 2 points each ... err maybe 3

breakfast was egg whites on a low fat Eggo 

another oldie but goldie!! Fiber one muffins :) 2 points 

egg white frittata 2 points 

100 calorie popcorn 

I discovered a new Starbucks combo, regular coffee with 3 pumps SF peppermint and 3 pumps SF mocha ... yummo!!

Vegetable zero point WWer soup 

and a frozen yogurt :) I spent the day relaxing and reading The new Janet Evanovich book; Takedown Twenty ... amazing!!! 

see ya tomorrow... less of me that is :) 

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