Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bad.... Really bad

I changed trainers on October 14th and I love my new trainer, he pushes me so hard! My work outs are so high intensity! I am so sore! I love it 

But he doesn't really do the whole food thing like I am used to. He looked at my diet and said I was on too low of calories... 

All my brain hears is " WOO HOO eat more!!!" 

Back comes the coffee creamer, the peanut butter, more carbs.... I am gaining, but in my rationalizing brain ... I am building soo much muscle ... Yeah .... Ah NO!!

But I am so sore from my workouts, so I must be building muscle ..... Yeah..... Ah NO!!

I am so much hungrier because I am working out, and after all.... I should be eating more, right?..... Yeah..... Ah NO!!

And my workouts are so amazing I have pretty much stopped any additional cardio.... I mean the workouts are so good that should carry me, right? ...... Yeah.... Ah NO!!

And I did the math today, I have been eating an additional 600 calories for the last 7 weeks.... So 49 days multiplied by 600 is 29,400 calories and a pound of fat is 3500 so 29,400 divided by 3,500 = 8.4 pounds and I gained 10 pounds of FAT!!!!!

My lean body mass stayed the same, so the good news is I didn't lose any muscle, but I did gain (which I knew and expected) but it was all fat, which I didn't expect.... Here I thought I was super muscle Mama.... Yeah.... Ah NO!! 

So back to the old, cut out the creamers, nut butters, salad dressing with full fat oil, all the excess calories .... Back to what worked, but not back, back, back ..... I want to keep my calories under 1300 

That's reasonable, right? 

Today was just a reality check for me.... "no, Karla you are not building into some super muscle woman"...... ... REALLY? I am training, because I freaking love it, and I know how to lose weight, actually the losing part is easier than the maintaining part.... 

So here I go again ..... 

Won't ya join me? For Karla loses weight.... Again .... 

No seriously ... I am just being sarcastic, because I am disappointed in how much bull I was actually talking myself into.... I know my body and what would make me think all of a sudden I am this muscle woman!  

So I just finished my post dunk pity (or celebration) food binge 

Tomorrow is a new day. Back to basics 

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  1. I also fell for that BS scenario and have put on weight where my jeans are now uncomfortably tight. A young man in his twenties with a lot of testosterone (which means more ability to develop muscle) can apparently put on a maximum of FIVE POUNDS in muscle weight in a YEAR with intensive training and that is it!. We as middle-aged women can't. And five pounds in a year is not a lot.

    I also don't believe the generalised theories about how much women can eat a day in general as it doesn't work for me. I also have to eat a lot less. I think we know what works for us.

    I'm joining you in cracking down, cutting out, and just doing what we know works.


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