Saturday, December 7, 2013

its a mind set

It is weird how once I decide it kind of all clicks

I found this cool site that helps you visualize your body 

here is a comparison of what I want vs where I am now

Goal weight 

Goal weight 

This dunk kind has been a catalysis that is going to take me to the next phase of my journey. I am telling the WWW but I am not going to scream this out to my family and friends. They may poo poo me and I don't want the negativity

I am not even sure any of my family still read my blog

I am not going to put a time frame out there. I am just going to start on this journey and see how long it takes me

My clothes don't feel right. It is time for change... and weight loss is almost easier than maintenance

I know how to do weight loss... I am going to go back to the 20 minutes every morning on the treadmill... I know they say you need at least 30-45 minutes on the treadmill for it to even be effective, but a little bit is better than nothing and I am sweating after 20 minutes!

food was good today, I did a core and cardio class this morning and I was sweating!!! some cooking, Christmas shopping and laundry and it's a full day off!

tootles bloggity folks

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  1. Hi! New to your blog! Fellow so-Cal gal here! Looks like you've certainly been successful in the past, and a little fine tuning never hurt any of us! You got this!


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