Friday, December 27, 2013

The magic answer

Is consistancy 

Which I have not been partaking of :P 

But just a few days back on track does wonders!! I have been soo sad lately that it is all consuming :( 

Quarter cup oats 

Protein in my morning coffee 

4 whites and Pico Pica sauce 

Egg white, soy chorizo frittata 

18 almonds 

Some cooking today: frittata, turkey meat loaf, cooked carrots, and some squash

I also had some Greek yogurt and a killer work out this morning 

And a gallon of water :) 

I am done eating over changes... Doesn't stop the changes from happening. It has been a hello last few months. 2014 the only path to go is up :) errrr but not the scale



  1. So sorry you've been sad. You're right though. Only way IS up!


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