Tuesday, January 28, 2014


2 egg whites and an entire egg salad on an Oroweat thin 

3 ounces of corned beef, carrots, cabbage a bit of margarine

salad with 3 ozs of chicken 

oats, flax and hemp with some almond butter and a container of my vitamins 

soup with some turkey meat balls added 

I stopped on a whim at an old frozen yogurt shop I used to frequent
may be back on my radar!! 

Greek yogurt 

I had 1509 calories 
carbs 103
protein 128
fat 64

I am good with this!! calories too low = crazy binge and it is just unrealistic for me to keep 900-1200 calories ... so I ate good and I am happy happy happy 
life news.... emotions are settling down
getting a bit back to normal... different but okay 
change is good
I guess the only thing that is consistent IS change 
so I am going to embrace it 

tootles bloggity folks 


  1. I like the butterfly change thought at the end :)

  2. Amazing how much food you can get for 1500 calories when it's all 'good for ya' food. Everything looks so tasty.
    Going too low in calories always gets me in trouble and is probably why I've never succeeded. Yesterday was my first day back at bat and I blew it by evening time with a binge. Not enough food during the day or rather not giving myself permission to eat a bit more overall.


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