Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day #4

2 eggs with a tiny sprinkle of cheese 

packed for the day 

salad with some cucumber, chicken, tomato and one table spoon of blue cheese dressing 

I bought this to snack on 

beef with cheese and I had some low sugar ketchup and it was only one carb so I added some 

the meat pie I made last night 
hamburger, cheese, cream and eggs 

I am totally in ketosis now, I was a bit foggy today, my mouth tasted metallic, I brushed my like 3-4 times today... it didn't help 
drinking water like a maniac!! 
This isn't everything I ate ..... hummm 

I also had some chicken with mayo 
I think that's it... oh I had a few bites of steak when I got home 
a few bites of my hubbys scrambled eggs this morning ... other than that??? 
Nope... that be that 

see yall tomorrow 
less of me I hope 

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